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  • Username: Template:User
  • Wiki name: Riki
  • Wiki title (eg: Car Wiki):
  • Content language: en


What will this wiki be about? What sort of articles will be included?


Who will edit this wiki? Is there already a community around this topic? How will you promote the wiki to ensure at least 20 people join? Give links to forums on this topic if you know of any.

Additional Information编辑

Add any information that supports why this wiki should exist. Include links to Wikipedia articles on this topic or to other websites that show this is a popular topic.


Which categories should this wiki be in? For example, sports, or arts, or hobbies? Look through the Wikia categories for ideas. Your wiki can be in more than one category. Put them in Category:Uncategorized, removing the colon ":" and replacing "Uncategorized" with the actual category name.

Comments from the community 编辑

3月 07, 2007

除了特别提示,社区内容遵循CC-BY-SA 授权许可。