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Audacity is an FOSS sound editing tool. On the Linux Magazine, there is an article "Audacity: The Free Dimensional Sound Editor" (Part 1 and Part 2) introducing that software tool.
Examples of Usage

  • Export a selection in an audio file:

如果一整張 CD 裡頭的11首歌被結合到單一個 .ape file (假設 filename 是 cd.ape), 而我們要把其中一首歌取出來,並轉成 FLAC 格式,只要用 Audacity 執行下列操作:

Screenshot-audacity sel

1. File/Open "cd.ape";

2. find out the start/end point of the song track;

3. enter the time of the start and end points into the fields next to "Snap To"

4. Click Edit/Trim, then only the selected track remains;

(see the figure on the righthand side)

5. Now click "File/Export Selection..." to convert that song track to track.flac (make sure you choose "FLAC files" in the "Export File" dialog box.)

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Wikipedia page on screencasting tools

  • GTK-RecordMyDesktop

一篇不錯的文件,有講如何把 OGV 轉成 AVI.

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