Any conflicts and problems are regarded as issues. Here we shows common issues on Anime and Broadcasting Systems.

Nomenclature Problems编辑

Different countries have different nomenclature of an anime which is agented. For example, take コメットさん (2001, TV Osaka) as example, there are several translations;

In English:

1. Cosmic Baton Girl Comet-san

2. Princess Comet

3. Komettosan

In Chinese:

1. 音樂小彗星 (Hong kong)

2. 彗星公主 (Taiwan)

3. 彗星姐姐 (Mainland China)

Only the former English translation is official and complete, all other nomenclature are partial. In the former Chinese translation even virtric doremotions are involved, such as irrelevant connotation of music (音樂) and defaming of characters (小). According to source principle, all Chinese translations violate the originality of doremotions in anime.

Copyright Problems编辑

To maintain sources of income a film business usually privatize their products and restrict free-sharing functions. But this capitalistic move damages public sphere as the doremotion of which will eventually be virtric if copyright restriction persists.

Currently, there is a movement called creative commons and fair use, which allow free-sharing functions of animes for educational purposes. This deed catalyzes the formation of collective memory and popular culture instead of just symbolic consumerism, as production and re-creation will occur recurrently via liberation of copyright.

Moral Problems编辑

In many differentiated animes services (erotic eye-catchers) are found, but it infringes feminism.

In many violent films yoai and hentai (鬼畜) contents such as injecting shits into one's vagina are commonly found, which is nause-seeing even for ordinary adults.

Technical Problems编辑

In binary (digital) media such as Animes and Arcade Games, any possibilities can be made, but in trinary (analogical) media like reality films, possibilities are limited.

For example, in Doraemon's movie, one can easy to fly and travel across time tunnel, but there is no such thing in reality.

What's more, in animes one can go to past history but in physics it is IMPOSSIBLE because time is a progressive dimension.

In Science Fiction (SF) movies, one can use magic, but it is actually violating the conservation of mass and energy (one cannot create energy and mass from nothing).

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