Conventional Genres of courses编辑

1. Cultural Studies

2. Anthropology

3. Criminal Justices

About the Hong Kong University Press编辑

Any existing universities crews in Hong Kong are invited to publish books free of charge whenever a viable proposal is issued. Any research topics are allowed even if one does not sitting for master or doctor, for instance:

1. Secularism and Modern Comedy Films in Hong Kong (Sociology)

2. Idiography of personality using Vector (Psychology)

Disciplines to be studies for year one undergraduate students编辑

1. Sociology

2. Psychology

3. Politics

4. Social Work

About majors and minors编辑

You can only choose one major and one minor only. The realm of choice of minors has no limit. For example, you can choose a related but non-popular discipline called Japanese Studies. Note that all courses are in English.



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