3 sub-modules for undergraduate students编辑

1. China Studies

2. Research Methodologies

3. Liberal Art Education

About our lecturers编辑

All of them (32) have philosophy doctor degree and many of them have published theses on sociology, such as:

1. 呂大樂 - 中產好痛

2. 陳海文 - 啟蒙論

3. 金耀基 - 中國的文化轉向

All students can discuss with them in a harmonic atmosphere. Some of them are examiners of HKASL Liberal Studies and all students can give a hand on question-setting.

Career prospects of graduates编辑

1. Journalism

2. Management

3. Teachers

4. Global Business

5. Diplomats

6. Administrative Officers

Specialty of Undergraduates编辑

Over 97% of year one students are females aiming for human-relationship hegemony; However, only 10% of them can pass the final examination because they have no postmodern insights. The reason behind is that the establishment of ideological-controlling HKASL Chinese Language and Culture which strangles independent thinking as the syllabuse spoon-fed prejudiced patriotic neo-Confucianism.



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