Member list (last updated: 2007-09-14)编辑

潔兔 (old chairman)


小淋 (de-facto female associate chairman)

小部 (de-facto female associate chairman)





方仁 (new chairman)

阿Dai (a female cosplayer)

Agenda of events in this semester编辑

Entertainment of New Members编辑

They will be held on the first two weeks in October at the outside of Canteen. People who are proficient in drawing CG by hand are of first priority. The membership fee is set to be $20. New membership cards will be issued with a maid (at LHS) and a gothic lolita (at RHS), which will be expired next year.

Embedded-CG lessons编辑

Quota is 20

For all members who have already joined the club.

The enrollment will be done at the same time as Entertainment of New Members.

The lesson will start in between Oct and Nov because year 4 members will take final exam in Dec.

Mr. Chan (Tutor of Art and Desigm) may assist the lesson progress.

Photoshop CS will be used.

The lesson is free of charge, and will not intercept the existing module of MIT lessons.

Entertainment of New Committee members编辑

8 new committee members will be enrolled via interview. The result will not be issued immediatedly. The interview will not be based on open questions and meritocracy but factual details of ACG affairs.

The committee member enrolled must be year one students and they are expected to have intermediate level of CG drawing by hand.

The titles of the 8 members are Animators (CG), Secretaries and IT assistants. Otakus are preferred.

All members must have their pledge declared during the interview or they will be automatically rejected.

Specialty of MIT 41380a year one students编辑

A student called Leo, being General Secretary of the class, is intended to be the chairman with grave resolutions but of no avail because no committee member were listening to him. His resolution is:

1. Expanding the scale of the association to that of CUHKACS

2. Internationalizing discourses and issues

3. Encouraging all people to write ACG commentaries

4. Academizing ACG culture using liberal studies and social science

5. Adding more loanable electronic references related to ACG and otakuism.

The plight of the association编辑

The new chairman, which was selected by prank, has no pledge made yet. So the future of the association lacks directions. As to this, ambitious otkaus must be enrolled as committee members to revert such tragic trend


Module Timetable for Tsing Yi IVE

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