動詞 编辑

  • 拿在手上或背著跟著自己一起走 carry
    • She always carries her laptop with her 她永遠都把手提電腦帶在身上
    • [Sport][Basketball] George is called for carrying the ball [體育][籃球] 喬治被吹帶球走步
    • I will not carry a lot of baggages 我不會帶很多的行李
  • 隋身帶著到某個地方 bring, take
    • I forgot to bring the document with me
    • He was caught bringing a gun to the school
  • 隋身帶離某個地方 take
    • Remember to take an umbrella with you. 記得帶一個雨傘
  • 領路 take, walk
    • The train station is only one minute away from here. I will take you there
    • I will walk you to the train station
  • 帶人去某地方 take, drive
    • Wait for me, I will take you to the train station.
    • I will drive you to the train station.
  • 帶隊 lead
  • (由領導人)帶領 be a leader
    • What kind of leader are you? 你是怎麼帶人的?
  • (由老師)帶領與指導 teach
    • How did you teach the children? 你是怎麼帶小孩的?
  • 扶養 raise, nurse
    • It's not easy to raise a child 帶小孩不容易

形容詞 编辑

  • 有著某特徵 with, having
    • Tigers have fur with yellow and black stripes 老虎有帶有黑黃線條的毛
    •  ???? 帶有老人班的臉

常見錯字 编辑

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