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The ST-VS/ETW department was officially established on September 3, 2007. However, The ST-VS division of Bosch began to recruit for the ETW department in Taipei since May 2007. The employees aboard in July and August 2007 were: Keith Chen (System Architect), Senlin Chen (Hardware Engineer), Alvin Pan (Software Engineer), Clack Lien (Mechanical Engineer) and Bruce Ying (Firmware Engineer), and two new associates joined ETW on September 3, 2007: Michael Fang (Project Manager, left on Sept 7, 2007) and Grifi Huang (Product Manager, officially aboard on Oct. 1, 2007)

The saga of ETW's software team 編輯

Although the focus of ETW's development was set on the hardware components, that include both electrical and mechanical portions, after February 2008, the initial growth of hiring had been in the software team (this team was formally dismissed in August 2009) between September 2007 and January 2008, because Bruce Ying, who was the acting software lead and the primary recruiter of software engineers during that period, was falsely told that the software team would be responsible for developing their own firmware on the basis of the embedded Linux system for ETW's IP cameras.

It had not been clearly stated until January 29, 2008 when Keith Chen, who was the system architect of ST-VS/ETW at that time, led three software/firmware engineers of ST-VS/ETW to visit the Bosch ST-VS department (its department name was abbreviated to STVC before year 2010) in Nuremberg, Germany, that the IP cameras developed by ETW have to run the RTOS firmware which STVC has been developing.

ST-VS/ETW's access to the Linux BSP (or Linux SDK referred to by some SoC makers like Ambarella) was further restricted by Bosch's STVC department in Nuremberg, Germany in June 2008, when Dieter Joecker, the senior product manager of Bosch's ST-VS division at that time, visited ST-VS/ETW in Taipei, Taiwan. Dieter Joecker alleged -- to both ST-VS/ETW and ST-VS's head office in Eindhoven, Netherlands, as well as the SoC maker whose video encoding chip was adopted by ST-VS for the Bosch IP video encoders to be developed from 2008 to 2010 -- that STVC is the only department in Bosch ST-VS to have direct technical contact with that SoC maker.

In spite of the difficulty in getting timely support for the Linux BSP/SDK from the SoC maker, ST-VS/ETW had striven to verify the hardware designs by using embedded Linux until March 2009. However, in the mean time the software engineers of ETW were told to shift their efforts from firmware development to software and firmware testing. Finally in August 2009, the software team was dismissed within the ETW organization.

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IP Camera 編輯

IP cameras have been the primary product developed by ST-VS/ETW since August 2007.

Related Standards 編輯

H.264 編輯


這個聯盟其實是在搞 IPTV 之類的標準。但是自2008年就沒有人提它了。



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[1] 現在展示:您自己的在線 MPEG-4 影院─了解 IBM MPEG-4 SDK 工具包中現成的 Java 組件 [2] Video streaming test bed for UMTS network

IPv6 編輯

  • Steps to set up a ULA (Unique Local Address) for a network interface on a PC running Windows XP with SP2/SP3:
 1. Click Start/Run and enter 'cmd' in the command box;
 2. Enter below command lines:
    ipv6 install
    netsh interface ipv6 add address interface=NN address=fc00::1234:5678 unicast
    (NN is the name of the network interface of the PC for connection to the
     camera under test; 
     the last 8 hex digits of the IPv6 may be arbitrarily chosen.)

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  • TI DaVinci Architecture
TI DaVinci Wiki
The Davinci-linux-open-source Archives
Davinci-linux-open-source mailing-list subscription page
TI DM355 webcasts



VCA (Video Content Analysis)  
IVMD (Intelligent Video Motion Detection)
RCP+ (Remote Control Protocol plus)

Interoperability 編輯

  • ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) co-founded by Axis, Bosch and SONY

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From the Axis website:

More goodies:

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Some data used to be here have been moved to another Wikia page below. Eventually, most of the Linux-relevant information outstanding on this page is going to be removed out of here, because ST-VS/ETW has been discouraged from touching Linux by its European head office.

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Using UPnP on Windows XP 編輯

Enabling UPnP in Windows XP

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也可以在 iTunes University subscribe UC Berkeley on iTunes U.

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Go to The Google Map and type 「台北市建國北路一段90號」 for keywords to search the Google Map. And the Google Map of Robert Bosch Taiwan will be like the following.


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