YTV USA (Little Women) is Pikachufreak's idea where Little Women airs on YTV USA. Over 47 pisodes have aired altogether.



  1. The March Family
  2. The War Draws Closer
  3. The Deserter / The Hidden Guest
  4. The Gift of Freedom
  5. The Friendship of Pin
  6. Running from the War
  7. The Unwelcome Mat
  8. Living With Aunt March
  9. Nice Work If You Can Get It
  10. Jo's Civil War Stories
  11. A Heart to Heart Talk
  12. The Worn-Out Welcome
  13. A Home At Last
  14. New Friends / A New Life In A New Town
  15. The Boy Next Door
  16. Meg's First Dance
  17. Lincoln's Gettysburg Address
  18. Invitation to the Dance
  19. A Formal Affair
  20. A Neighbor In Need
  21. A Christmas Dinner
  22. A "Grand" Offer
  23. Lost in the Music
  24. Jo Shares Her Fortune
  25. It's Downright Upright
  26. Forbidden Sweets
  27. Amy's Revenge
  28. Skating on Thin Ice
  29. Forgive And Forget
  30. Out Of Character
  31. Jo's Spoiled Plans
  32. Laurie's Lake Party
  33. Amy's Nightmare
  34. Meg Falls In Love
  35. Jo in Black and White
  36. A Small Price to Pay
  37. A Sign of Hope
  38. Letters from Home
  39. Scarlet Fever
  40. Marmee, Come Back!
  41. Shout For Joy
  42. In Search of a Dream
  43. The Case of the Forged Letter
  44. Laurie Pays the Price
  45. A Very Merry Christmas
  46. The Proposal
  47. The End and a Beginning
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