What if the american YTV aired the 2000 Summit Media/4Kids Anime Kodocha for two seasons and 102 episodes each. Here's the result. It will also be on Kids' WB!, like Pokemon and 4th Grade Mom, as well as other kinds of 4Kids titles.


  1. Sandra Larson (Lisa Ortiz) - the title character dated by Tracey Sketchit since starring in The Adventures of Ash Ketchum. She and Tracey adopt future children like Jaden Sketchit (aged 13) and Sari Sketchit (aged 5) after they were married.
  2. Babbit (Madeleine Blaustein) - Sandra's partner.
  3. Laura Larson (Kayzie Rogers) - the mother of Sandra and date to Samuel Oak.
  4. Ray Brendan (Ted Lewis) - a man married to Andrea Henson (Tara Jayne)
  5. Anthony Redford (Andrew Rannells) - the love interest of Kay from the unseen episode: Stage Fight.
  6. Floella Thompson (Roxanne Beck) - the love interest of Damian
  7. Aya MacDonald (Amy Birnbaum) - the bow wearing girlfriend of Todd Snap.
  8. Hilary Brood (Rachael Lillis) - the girlfriend of Andreas.
  9. Katherine Jordan (Megan Hollingshead) - the girlfriend of Koji, Keegan's rival.
  10. Thomas Olson (Kayzie Rogers) - the glasses geeky boyfriend of Duplica. He has a ???-year-old sister Annabelle Olson (Kayzie Rogers) who is a girlfriend of Marcellus from Octillery The Outcast.
  11. Sylvester Carlton (Matthew Mitler) - Chigusa's boyfriend.
  12. Norman Barges (Amy Birnbaum) - Assunta's boyfriend.
  13. Maya Burlington (Leah Applebaum) - the princess of Azalea Town Prince Bugsy.
  14. Alexandra Hartman (Mandy Bonhomme) - the girlfriend of Alexander Davis.
  15. Serena Hamilton (Tara Jayne) - the girlfriend of Oliver of the Lugia saga.
  16. Christine Richards (Kerry Williams) - the girlfriend of Whirl Cup contestant Christopher.
  17. Marley Moon (Veronica Taylor) - Sandra's teacher as well as Tracey's when she was in elementary school.
  18. Mario Tanaka (David Brimmer) - Marley's husband.


Season 1 (2000)

  1. The Student and The Agent
  2. Monkey Mountain Class
  3. Eyeballs and Tooth-Balls
  4. The Lonely Wolf
  5. Where's Dark and Gloomy?
  6. The Family Stew
  7. Andrea, The Actress In Love
  8. A Fruity Kiss
  9. Sandra's Double Love Trouble
  10. Like A Flying Chicken
  11. A Real Dad
  12. Sandra The Lone Wolf
  13. Changing Names
  14. The Big Summer, Part 1
  15. The Big Summer, Part 2
  16. Double The Pounding Hearts
  17. Mom's Book of Surprises
  18. A Game of Hide and Seek
  19. A Mother-Daughter Cry
  20. Sandra's Big Quiz Show
  21. Pint-Sized Anthony
  22. Karate Blues
  23. The Disappearance of Sunny
  24. A Mathematical Mess
  25. A Heartbroken Bandage
  26. A Chicken With A Day
  27. Cooking Up Some Dough
  28. A Romantic Love Song
  29. Here Comes The Mother
  30. Ray and The Green-Eyed Monster
  31. Snakes In Muddy Shoes
  32. A Busted Father
  33. Tasting Like Curry
  34. Sing It!
  35. A Gift To Remember
  36. Taking Me To Your Mentor
  37. Karate With A Trumper
  38. A Christmas Kiss
  39. Moths and Boogie Boos
  40. A Homeless Sandra
  41. Get Blacklisted!
  42. The Coming of The Deadline
  43. An Aging Difference
  44. Where Are You Going?
  45. A Bitter Valentine's Day
  46. Wrong, Aren't I?
  47. To The Same Roof
  48. You Were My True Father
  49. The Big Scene
  50. Spring Is Here
  51. Yesterday and Tomorrow

Season 2 (2001)

  1. A New Friend In A Bathroom
  2. A Ruined Kiss
  3. Sandra Will Never Be Loved
  4. Shooting The Movie
  5. Not Really
  6. A Sushi Boyfriend
  7. A Romantic Mountain Date
  8. Big Wounds Passed
  9. Jilted!
  10. I Will Never Cry!
  11. A Flaming Summer
  12. Rumor Has It
  13. The Truth Revealed
  14. A Pair's Farewell
  15. Running Over The Ocean
  16. A New York Suspense
  17. The Riddle of Society
  18. Emerald Eyes For You
  19. Lunchtime Feelings
  20. A Different Kind of Mother
  21. A Big Exposed Secret
  22. Between A Parent and A Child
  23. Mother's Big Joke
  24. Have You Seen My Daughter?
  25. Can't We Go Home or What?
  26. A Bad Father
  27. A Mother/Son Bond
  28. Unable To Be A Father
  29. One Song Left
  30. Hello and Goodbye Lovers
  31. Getting Along So Great
  32. The Best Couple
  33. Trouble With Managers
  34. An Unspoken Line
  35. Unclearer When Seen
  36. Which Fight Should We Go?
  37. The Day Has Come
  38. A Christmas Eve To Forget
  39. A Mechanical Mother
  40. A New Year Fan
  41. Such A Simple Math Test
  42. The Same Name
  43. Rising From The Dead
  44. Back From Together On
  45. Adult Bonds
  46. A Money To A Scheme
  47. Sisterly Love Designs
  48. The Big Karate Club
  49. Disappearing Erasers
  50. Gone With The Trio
  51. The Thick and Thin Journey Continues
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