What if YTV USA aired Glitter Force Go! for a single season of 50 episodes? Here's how.


  1. Harley Hanson (Monica Rial)


  1. A Princess is Born
  2. An Academic Friend
  3. Can't Keep A Goodbye
  4. A Sparkling Birth
  5. The Three of Us Together
  6. Aiming For A Lesson
  7. Bullied In Tennis
  8. Making The Impossible Dress
  9. A Noble Curtain Risen
  10. Where's The Dress Up Key
  11. Bigger Trouble
  12. Cassie and The Idol
  13. The Black Princess With A Cold
  14. The Hanson Family's Dream
  15. The Great Butler Exam
  16. Marissa's Most Important Treasure
  17. Cassie and The Runway of Dreams
  18. A Princess In A Picture Book
  19. Treasure In The Dormitory
  20. Reunion At The Hope Kingdom
  21. Delivering These Feelings
  22. Glitter Scarlet's Fire of Hope
  23. The Four of Us United
  24. Room For A Princess
  25. A Very Special Sleepover
  26. Fighting The Fairies
  27. The Summer Support
  28. Sunlight and Hearts
  29. The Bequeathed Key
  30. The Princess Palace
  31. New Semesters, New Dreams, New Threats
  32. A Fiance For Marissa
  33. Granting A Lesson With A Wish
  34. Harley's Princess Contest
  35. Prince Andrews and The Lost Memory
  36. One Tearful Heart
  37. A Romantic Play For Harley
  38. The Loneliest Princess
  39. Reviving The Flowery Princess
  40. Determination In The Sky
  41. Dreaming In The Canvas
  42. Cassie's Chosen Road
  43. Sparking The Stage
  44. Marissa's True Thoughts
  45. Marissa's Dream In The Ocean
  46. The Snow Castle
  47. Strong As A Flower
  48. Dangerous Princesses
  49. A Decisive Showdown
  50. Dreaming Further
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