YTV USA (Eon Kid) is Pikachufreak's idea where Eon Kid, a Kids' WB! original series, airs on YTV USA, with just a single season of twenty-six episodes.


  1. Marty (Aidan Drummond)
  2. Ally (Claire Renaud)
  3. Gaff (Ron Halder)
  4. Buttons (Andy Toth)


  1. The Legendary Fist
  2. The Heir to the Fist
  3. The Journey Begins
  4. Strength Isn't Everything
  5. Ally's Secret
  6. Orange Mama
  7. The Grand Wrestling Tournament
  8. The Fight Goes On
  9. Escape From the Orange Valley
  10. The Maxes Attack
  11. Confronting Fate
  12. The 18 Woodenmen
  13. A Warrior is Born
  14. To the Iron Tower
  15. Ally's Escape
  16. Fall of the Tower
  17. Nightmares
  18. Out of Control
  19. To the Mystic Glacier
  20. The White Monks
  21. The General Awakes
  22. Eiger the Patient
  23. The Revolt of Kahn
  24. To the Iron Tower! Charge!
  25. The Last Battle, I
  26. The Last Battle, II
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