What if YTV USA aired the seventh Digimon title for 25 episodes.


  1. Mikey Kudo (Nicholas Royce) - the returning protagonist still with Emily Anderson (from Glitter Force)
  2. Ewan Amano (Cindy Robinson) - Lily's boyfriend
  3. Donald Thompson (Matt Hill) - a newcomer dating Chloe Rose.
  4. Wendell Valentine (Robert Tinkler) - the lead off Digimon Hunter who Nene Amano falls in love with.
  5. Ren Burghs (Sabrina Pitre) - Angie Hinomoto's boyfriend.
  6. Maureen Samson (Cherami Leigh) - a girl dating Beyblade Burst protagonist Valt Aoi and picking up on Mikey Kudo.


  1. Enter the Digimon Hunters
  2. Disappearing Students
  3. Dreams of A Robotic Club
  4. Targeting Blossomon!
  5. A Trap For Maureen
  6. Digi-Sword Showdown
  7. A Town Full of Pagumon
  8. Big Business
  9. Target: Ewan
  10. Hong Kong Beauties
  11. Donald's Big Soft Crisis
  12. A Delicious Confrontation
  13. A Kiddie Trip
  14. Hunters Lined Up
  15. A Devil's Friendly Promise
  16. Spirit Hunters Beware!
  17. Phantom Burglar Betsumon
  18. A UFO and A Dinosaur
  19. Adventures Underwater
  20. The Missing Rare Card
  21. Digimon Land Park
  22. Metal Kuwagamon Strikes In
  23. Secrets Revealed
  24. An All-Star Gathering
  25. The Final Goodbye of A Lifetime
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