What if the American YTV aired Toei Animation and Allspark Animation's Digimon Appverse for only 52 episodes.


  1. Derek Shinkai (Todd Haberkon) - the title love interest of Harley Hanson (from Glitter Force Go!)
  2. Emmy Karan (Caitlin Glass) - a childhood friend of Derek
  3. Timothy Asuka (Veronica Taylor) - Cassie Malone's love interest
  4. Ray Katsura (Micah Solusod) - Marissa Carlin's love interest
  5. Cyril Ozora (Yuri Lowenthal) - Tamara Andrews's love interest.


  1. When Derek Met Gatchmon
  2. A Digi Guide
  3. A School Dungeon
  4. A Digimon AppVerse Halloween
  5. Emmy The Idol
  6. The Gourmet Report
  7. Call Me Timothy!
  8. A Pinched Operation
  9. The Championship Arena
  10. The Seven Code Meeting
  11. Ray: Most Wanted Hacker
  12. A Super Defeat
  13. A Christmas Disappearance
  14. A Runaway Puzzle Game
  15. The Fortune Within
  16. Truth By The Message
  17. Duplicated Emmy
  18. Derek and Cyril's Bond
  19. The Ocean In A Pinch
  20. A Nightmare Farewell
  21. The Path To The Top Idol
  22. Ray and Hackmon's Power Encounter
  23. Taking A Showdown
  24. A Gigantic Opening
  25. Deep Web Infiltration
  26. The Hero In Gatchmon
  27. The New App Driver
  28. Offmon On The Scene
  29. Gatchmon Runs Away
  30. Gourmet Love
  31. A Terrible Traveling Trip
  32. Taking You Out
  33. A Senior Student In School
  34. The Future of Intelligence
  35. The General Elections
  36. Emmy Against The Election
  37. The Ultimate Invasion
  38. Retrieving Gatchmon
  39. A New Power
  40. The Ultimate 4's Challenge Letter
  41. A Fierce Fight
  42. Ray's Great Determination
  43. Awakening The Championship
  44. Get That Fugitive!
  45. Gatchmon or Agumon
  46. The Starry Rescue
  47. The Truth About Cyril
  48. Designing Humanity
  49. The Final Evolution
  50. Derek's Bond of Hope
  51. Artificial Dreams
  52. The Singularity To End With
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