YTV USA (Captain N and Super Mario World) is Pikachufreak's idea where Captain N: The Game Master teams up with the Super Mario World Cartoon to air on YTV USA, with over three seasons and 37 episodes.


Captain N Side

  1. Kevin Keene (Matt Hill)
  2. Duke (Tomm Wright)
  3. Mega Man (Doug Parker)
  4. Kid Icarus (Alessandro Juliani)
  5. Simon Belmont (Andrew Kavadas)
  6. Princess Lana (Venus Terzo)

Super Mario World Side

  1. Mario (Walker Boone)
  2. Luigi (Tony Rosato)
  3. Princess Peach Toadstool (Tracey Moore)
  4. Yoshi (Andrew Sabiston)
  5. Oogtar (John Stocker)
  6. King Bowser Koopa (Harvey Atkin)
  7. Larry "Cheatsy" Koopa (James Rankin)
  8. Morton "Big Mouth" Koopa Jr. (Dan Hennessey)
  9. Wendy "Kootie Pie" O. Koopa (Tabitha St. Germain)
  10. Iggy "Hop" Koopa (Tara Strong)
  11. Roy "Bully" Koopa (Gordon Masten)
  12. Lemmy "Hip" Koopa (Tara Strong)
  13. Ludwig "Kooky" Von Koopa (Michael Stark)


Season 1 (1989)

  1. Kevin In Videoland
  2. How's Bayou
  3. The Most Dangerous Game Master
  4. Videolympics
  5. Mega Trouble for Megaland
  6. Wishful Thinking
  7. Three Men and a Dragon
  8. Mr. and Mrs. Mother Brain
  9. Nightmare on Mother Brain's Street
  10. Simon The Ape-Man
  11. In Search of the King
  12. Metroid Sweet Metroid
  13. Happy Birthday, Megman

Season 2 (1990)

  1. Gameboy
  2. Queen of the Apes
  3. Quest for the Potion of Power
  4. The Trouble with Tetris
  5. The Big Game
  6. The Lost City of Kongoland
  7. Once Upon a Time Machine
  8. The Feud of Faxanadu
  9. Having a Ball
  10. The Trojan Dragon
  11. I Wish I Was a Wombatman
  12. The Invasion of the Paper Pedalers
  13. Germ Wars
  14. When Mother Brain Rules

Season 3 (1991)

  1. The Fire Sale / Misadventures in Robin Hood Woods
  2. The Wheel Thing / Pursuit of the Magic Hoop
  3. Send In The Clown / Return to Castlevania
  4. Ghosts R Us / Totally Tetrisized
  5. The Night Before Cave Christmas / Battle of the Baseball Know-It-Alls
  6. King Scoopa Koopa / A Tale of Two Dogs
  7. Born To Ride / The Fractured Fantasy of Captain N
  8. Party Line / Gopher Bash
  9. Rock TV / The Yoshi Shuffle
  10. A Little Learning / Mama Luigi
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