What if the american YTV aired Studio Comet and 4Kids Entertainment's 2000 anime Aqua Age for two seasons and 47 episodes each. Here's the result.


  1. Felicia McCoy (Lisa Ortiz) - the title character dating Gordon Hooper of U.S.T.: Untroubled Space Tours.
  2. Tawny McCoy (Tara Jayne) - Felicia's ???-year-old sister dating Rick Wheeler of the F-Zero trilogy.
  3. Aurora and Jeffrey McCoy (Veronica Taylor and Dan Green) - Felicia's parents.
  4. Henry Norbert (Ted Lewis) - Kerry's boyfriend.
  5. Roberta Parsley (Leah Applebaum), Mary Taylor (Megan Hollingshead), Ramona Hill (Kerry Williams), Marley Hanson (Rachael Lillis) and Nellie Carlin (Amy Birnbaum) - members of the Aqua Spice Girls.
  6. Norman Dilbert (Matthew Mitler) and Frederick Foley (Eric Stuart) - Henry's friends.
  7. Terri Burton (Roxanne Beck) - a snob girl type prone to dealing with Gordon Hooper.
  8. Maritza Lamar, Mildred Carson, Karen Bernstein and Minerva Raven (Lisa Ortiz) - B*Witched members.
  9. Fedora Walker (Megan Hollingshead) - teacher to Felicia and Gordon.
  10. Edward Walker (Scottie Ray) - Fedora's husband.


Season 1 (2000)

  1. A New School Term
  2. A Friendship To Remember
  3. An Outdoor Trip
  4. The Big Softball Tournament
  5. A Chance Encounter
  6. Sisterly Love
  7. A Christmas Story
  8. Love On Valentine's Day
  9. Exams To The Finish
  10. New Classes Unfolded
  11. Terri's Sweetheart
  12. A Pulling Rank
  13. The Jealousy Within
  14. Gone On A Diet
  15. A Summer Break
  16. The Incoming Storm
  17. How Ordinary
  18. The Love Triangle
  19. Between Love and Friendship
  20. A New Year Sunrise
  21. The Cram School
  22. Between A Boyfriend and A Girlfriend
  23. A Friendly Crisis
  24. The School Trip
  25. Nothing Left Behind
  26. A Good Carefree

Season 2 (2001)

  1. Living A Concour Life
  2. A Stoic Old Hag
  3. A Love Letter
  4. Between Dreams and Reality
  5. Henry's Summer
  6. The Big Cultural Festival
  7. The Evening Star
  8. A New School
  9. The Present
  10. A Graduation To Remember
  11. A Departing Day
  12. The Way They Were
  13. The Aqua Seasons
  14. One Unrequited Love
  15. All Grown Up
  16. Fred's Crush
  17. My Very First Friends
  18. Mom's Sweetheart
  19. A Summer Tale
  20. A Trip For Boys
  21. A Gift From An Angel
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