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This mini wiki is about the Blogging, Journalism & Credibility conference. This page was moved from and was edited by Brendanhgreeley, KentBye, Bill Mitchell, Caoimhin, Sannse, Ari and unregistered users before it was moved here.


Text transcripts of all sessions are now online.

Audio transcripts will be available on Monday.

IRC Contact info

Blogging, Journalism & Credibility conference IRC contact info (there is also a list of conference participants )

Steve Rhodes (srhodes logged in from San Francisco)

Ethan Zuckerman (ethanz, logged in from the conference),

Greg Gershman (GregGersh, Baltimore)

Jon Lebkowsky (jonl logged in from Austin)

Stephen Waters (sbw logged in from Rome, NY)

Seth Finkelstein]] (Seth, Cambridge MA)

Mitch Ratcliffe (godsdog in IRC from Lakewood, Wash.)

Kevin Werbach (kwerb in IRC) - lurker, professor, Supernova organizer -

"sannse" (sannse, Essex UK) - a lurker from Wikipedia Wikipedia:User:Sannse

Hossein Derakshan (hoder, Tehran-Toronto) - Iranian blogger and internet activist - Editor: Myself

Ethan Dyer (dyer) - lurker, engineer based in Bellevue, Wa

Staci D. Kramer (StaciDKramer logged in from University City, MO) -- &

Kevin Lyda - lurker, s/w developer based in galway, ireland. -- [1]

David Weinberger (joho) - Berkperson

Rebecca MacKinnon,

Bill Mitchell (Poynter) -,

Lisa Williams -

Dave Winer -

Kent Bye (Winterport, ME) - Collaborative Documentary Filmmaker -

Brendan Greeley, The Public Radio Exchange -

Karen G. Schneider, Free Range Librarian,