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This is a wiki about the Full Thrust/Stargrunt/Dirtside universe created by Ground Zero Games


NAC - New Anglian Confederation - Britain, Canada, the US, Mexico, Central and South America.

ESU - Eurasian Solar Union - China, Russia, most of Central Asia.

FSE - Federal Stats Europa - France, Spain, Italy and other European nations from the failed EC.

NSL - New Swabian League - Germany, Austria and other Central European states.

IF - Islamic Federation - Most of the Arab countries including North Africa.

PAU - Pan African Union - All of Africa, except the Arab countries to the North.

OU - Oceanic Union - Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia and other Pacific Island countries.

RH - Romanov Hegemony - Ukraine, part of Russia, other members of the former CIS.

IC - Indonesian Commonwealth - Indonesia, Malasia, the Philippians, Borneo, and most of South East Asia and Indo-China.

LLAR - League of Latin Republics.

NI - New Israel - Founded on a garden planet in the Epsilon Indi system.

KNG - Netherlands (Koninklijke Nederlands Gemenebest - Royal Dutch Commonwealth) - Maintains independence as a separate nation.

Japan (Corporations) - Formally "independent" but closely allied with (and protected by) the NAC.

Switzerland - Neutral, as ever.

SK - Saeed Khalifate, Break away colonies that rebelled against IF rule.

NFR - New French Republic - Break away colonies that rebelled against FSE rule.

FCT - Free Cal-Tex - California, Texas and several small colonies. Broke away from the NAC.

SF - Scandinavian Federation - Made up of North European nations not part of either the NSL or the FSE.

OC - Outrim Coalition - Nothing has been mentioned about this organization, other than its existence.

UN - United Nations - A powerful organization in its own right, within the Core Systems and inner colonies. Very limited presence in the Outworld areas.




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