Past of Vezra

Vezra was a very good Nogan in his time on the islets. He always got bullied, but never returned the favor to anyone. He lived in the Wind Clan, or Air Clan, loving to fly and to swim. His wings could be used for either purpose.

Present of Vezra

Vezra is a Nogan from the Air Clan--or Wind Clan. He is a very peaceful Nogan, who had forgiven most Toa for the actions of the few that caused the war. He still has a speck of hate for the Toa Goran. His parents were slaughtered by Toa Tobit, who also gave him a few scars. He seeks out Tobit to offer forgiveness and friendship to the Toa.

He just joined the Brotherhood of Ak'Rei'An. He decided to serve on the ship Skullcrag, with Caption Rakatan. He has not yet gained undead power, but will go on a mission to gain it soon. That is, if Rakatan doesn't have something for him to do on the Skullcrag.

This mission turned out to be rallying the SpiritBreakers to the BoA's cause. It was inspired by Verak who told him that the SpiritBreakers also oppose Ak'Rei'An but are mislead to beleive they can do so in a head-on assault. Vezra is trying to change this.

Vezra's Future

Vezra plans to climb the commanding ladder in the navy very rapidly. He had several ways in which to do this. His first plan is obedience to Rakatan, Verak, Verxa, Verya and others supperior to him. His second plan is to conquer another portion of the island for Ak'Rei'An--but not by fighting. Much like Demusnoc did, he will influence Matoran to serve the Brotherhood, but with little trickery. Vezra will use violence when needed.


Vezra has Spellbinder Vision, given to him and all Nogans by Nogah himself. Vezra rarely uses it, but it has been handy on occasions. He is disgusted at the face that somone would want to tamper with another's mind. He considers it a horrible abitlity

Vezra also posseses the abilty to swim and fly using his wings. He had gone on many adventures with these abilities. This is another reason why Vezra loves water and air as much as he does.

In addition to those powers, he had power over electricity. This power gets stronger near water. So much so, that near the ocean, his skin will often be found crackling with bolts of electrical energy. When near the ocean while its raining, small bots will even leave Vezra to strike metal or other people.

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