Veritar Shoreflash was a knight in the service of the leader of the Shore Clans. Unbeknownst to him, his father set up a arranged marriage for him at the age of three. When Goran attacked, Veritar and his sister escpaed by a Muakane-ra falling on them.

Veritar and his sister then joined Rexarda's group, hunting down toa in everlasting vengeance. But Aeunder infiltrated the group...

It was many years later that Veritar and his friend Xanak had the strength to swim to Terros-Nui.

Veritar has made the mistake of falling in love with Dara. Verak and he have a rocking friendship, sharing only one thing in common, their love for Dara.

Veritar lives by the old code.


  • Absorption
  • Spellbinder Vision


  • Lance
  • Full set of Nogain armor
  • Saber
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