Greetings, everyone! Malechii here to bring you another review! Today, I'm going to be talking about Mario Joins the Circus, my least favorite episode of the SMG4! This episode is always considered the most infamous SMG4 episode! And it's a Mario Torture Episode! What did he do to deserve it?! Nothing! Also, there's so much filler here and there!

This episode starts off with Mario burning down the castle, and everyone is tired of it, and kicked Mario out of the castle! Like TheCynamaticals said before, yes, Mario does deserve cruelty for burning down the castle. But here's the problem, we are supposed to feel sorry for him!

This leads Mario to get a job at the circus, and the torment starts! First, when Mario accidentally provokes Donkey Kong, he gets beaten up Harambe-style, and Bob does nothing to help! Seriously, Bob, you are acting like Season 6-8 Mr. Krabs! Then, Mario tries to take care of Mr. Wuggles, a psychotic clown, but get hailstormed by the army! Next, Mario gets pummeled by Waluigi for asking to go home into a gruesome bloody mess!


The next punching bag moments are that Mario is traumatized by being shoved into a work as a harpoon target, forced by Waluigi to eternally work, messed around by the Wuggles army even more, and...

But wait, it gets worse! When Mario is saved from the Wuggles army by a Shy Guy, he was thrown into the toaster!


This is the worst SMG4 episode ever created! I can't believe that in a series where we get a lot of good episodes, we'd get an episode like this! This came out the same year Jeffy's Bad Word (the worst SML episode) came out! I wish both that episode, and this never existed! And I wish Jeffy never existed either!

-12/10 (Abysmal)

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