Hi guys, Malechi here. Today, I'll discuss an episode what I hear is so bad.

Prepare for a SuperMalechi review in 3...2...1!

Apology Impossible is NOT only the worst episode of Season 22, but also the worst episode of the entire Brenner series! Yes! Worse than The Other Side of the Mountain and Three Steam Engines Gruff combined! Why, because James is a huge selfish, cruel jerk, and Phillip gets unconfrontably tortured all the way thoughout too!

This episode has so much that's mean spirited! This episode is the most mean spirited episode of the series! Yes, even worse than Middle Engine and Firey Flynn! This episode has so much mean spirtness, ranging from James being a jerk to Phillip, to James refusing to let the other engines pass, to-, you know what, I can't mention those anymore. Let's move on.

And the moral “you should never stand up to your bullies” was toxic and horrible, especially to the preschoolers who watch this!

And James' apology at the end felt weak and just stupid! He only says "sorry".

All in all, Apology Impossible was stupid from start to finish, the pacing was lazy, a lack of good humor, and cringeworthy! I cannot believe that in a era where we've been getting episodes like "The Fastest Red Engine on Sodor", "Forever and Ever", "All in Vain", "The Thomas Way", "Love Me Tender", "An Engine of Many Colors" and "School of Duck", we would get an episode like this!

This episode is where James stoop to his lowest here. And Becky Overtom wrote this. I am surprised she wrote good episodes of Season 19 like "Diesel's Ghostly Christmas" and "The Beast of Sodor". But she used up the majority of her creavity in Season 22 and wrote this episode. This is the first episode of the Brenner era I consider to on my Bottom 5 worst episodes of all time, the worst James' a Jerk episode and a Phillip Torture Episode! I still think Rusty Saves the Day, which I also cannot believe it came from a otherwise memorable era where we expect many great episodes, is the worst.

At least with episodes like Wonky Whistle, James to the Rescue, Up Up and Away, Firey Flynn and Henry's Magic Box, they all came from an era where we expected a lot of bad episodes. Most of the episodes ranged from mediocre to unbearable. But this is Season 22, a time where we expect a lot more good episodes, and past the dark age, so it completely shocked me when I heard that it was so bad, which is why I consider this one of the worst episodes ever created. I also I didn't watch the whole episode.

Again, I'll just end things there. This is SuperMalechi signing off.

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