after a whole year of editing and producing my fanmade crossover series Mr. Conductor Visits Fraggle Rock from January 2015 to December of the same year i have to say this has been one great project to work on and i'm almost done uploading as i have one more episode to upload episode 96 Change of Address i might upload it next week or the week after that cause i might be going out of town soon but i'll just make my final words on this series before i upload the final episode and and might possibly leave so let's get started

you're welcome to leave a comment after reading this too if you'd like

The First Years

at the time when i first thought of this idea i was still working with my friend Michael (ThomasandMichael) on Mr. Conductor's Adventures of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic i originally pitched the idea to him and asked him to help but there's a huge difference the MCVFR we made pretty much had the MLPFIM characters appeared as guest stars at first it seemed like a good idea since both shows were on the same channel for a time but we only made 3 episodes and YouTube was a stingy copyright hog so we didn't get a lot of episodes after that i went back to co-producing MCAOMLPFIM and later work with Mike again on Mr. Conductor Visits the Littlest Pet Shop (2012) and this kind of the starting grounds for my MCVFR because i had a small amount of episodes for the Fraggle Rock footage in MCVTLPS and it was back when i had a crappy DVD ripper as the years passed me & Mike kind of stopped on MCVTLPS then Dailymotion started to slowly delete some of the episodes of MCVTLPS and i kinda laid dormant on making Mr. Conductor projects for a while... until the death of Gerry Parkes came i was really upset to hear the great actor behind Doc and later Barton Winslow on Shining Time Station had passed away so like how i made the remake of Mr. Conductor's Adventures in Jim Henson's Frog Prince a dedication project for Jerry Nelson who passed away in 2012 prior to Gerry's death me along with Mike and Daniel [thomasedsfan] made a full blown MCA project a remake of Mr. Conductor's Adventures in A Muppet Family Christmas Mike was in charge of MLPFIM and LPS clips as well as some Mr. Conductor scenes, Daniel was in charge of Ed, Edd, 'N' Eddy clips and some others too while i was the chief editor and director to put everything together and even though we missed christmas due to some scenes not being finished on time we were able to make it but... i wanted more so while i was waiting for scenes for that project i decided to revive my old Mr. Conductor Visits Fraggle Rock series and instead of making it a partnered project with Mike like i did with MCAOMLPFIM i decided to make it my own solo project like how Daniel did with Mr. Conductor Meets Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy i took out the MLPFIM characters cause the HUB now called Discovery Channel doesn't air Fraggle Rock anymore and i worked around some episodes with better stories in some episodes and i made it 10 times much better than before i started production on January 8th 2015 and started uploading episodes on Dailymotion on February 6th 2015 and a year later i was finally finished with all 5 seasons all 96 episodes and as much Thomas stories i could put in making me a happy guy :-) Skullzproductions (talk) 21:15, February 10, 2017 (UTC)

Personal Favorite Episodes

throughout the year of producing all 96 episodes in Mr. Conductor form it is quite possible i'd also get some personal favorites i would make and each episode i choose has their own reason of being a favorite it could be an episode i like normally by default [before MCA version that is] or it was an episode i used to hate but made better through the Mr. Conductor version but let's see what i have chosen

Season 1

  1. Episode 5: The Thirty-Minute Work Week: i kinda liked the way i put the stories in and those flashback scenes with himself, Stacy Jones, Billy Twofeathers and Schemer very nicely and Edward's Exploit came from one my old STS recordings from KCET from when i was a baby
  2. Episode 8: The Terrible Tunnel: this episode i liked by default  kinda wish i didn't make those silly parody intros though but this episode is still good the stories are placed very well and i still love the Sir Blunderbrain song
  3. Episode 10: Don't Cry Over Spilt Milk: another episode i liked by default but like before i liked how i placed the stories and Mr. Conductor's scenes here :-)
  4. Episode 16: Capture the Moon: this happens to be the very first MCVFR episode that features a Thomas song at the end credits i was kinda comtemplating this one but after a while i got working on this and Night Train while a huge copyright problem on YT it's still pretty seeable on Dailymotion and i'm happy about how i did this :-)
  5. Episode 18: The Minstrels: this episode is another default favorite of mine not only because of the late and great Jim Henson as Cantus but this is actually one of two of the first episodes i've ever seen from the VHS from Buena Vista The Fraggles Search & Find until i got the HiT Entertainment season DVD releases i would watch this and the other episode over and over for years to come and even though i did move onto the DVD's i still love this episode
  6. Episode 19: The Great Radish Famine: along with the Minstrels this is actually the very first episode of Fraggle Rock i ever saw the same reasons are as before with The Minstrels i really love this episode :-)
  7. Episode 20: The Garden Plot: i'll just get this part out of the way i really like the Gorgs on Fraggle Rock and you're talking to a guy who started with Muppets with Big Bird on Sesame Street i was astounded by the Gorgs in Fraggle Rock they were big and cool i kinda want to see those Gorg suits in person too anyways i really like this episode and the song they featured in this Muck & Goo it's pretty nice :-)
  8. Episode 22: Mokey's Funeral: back when i was still getting more into Fraggle Rock after years of only seeing two episodes this episode kinda sparked my interest from an old Fraggle Rock website which sadly no longer exists but i do really like this episode Ragtime Queen is really sweet too :-)

Season 2

  1. Episode 28: Red's Sea Monster: this is another sweet episode i really like and i really liked how i put the stories in as well as the song Down by the Docks
  2. Episode 29: Uncle Matt Comes Home: even though i didn't like how Matt & Gobo acted in this one i do like the song i added in the end credits All Around the World
  3. Episode 32: All Work and All Play: this is actually the very first Mr. Conductor project ever to use the original Alec Baldwin narrations of the stories Jack Jumps In and A Friend in Need and even though it is a good idea to use Ringo Starr to introduce both stories while he narrates with Michael Angelis it's not for me cause i like to work this in a professional way which is why i don't use those "Michael Brandon original music" stories people sloppily made but i do like this episode either way
  4. Episode 34: A Friend in Need: this is an episode i like mostly because of an element that would later come into future episodes Sprocket going to Fraggle Rock this pretty much kinda starts it even though here he gets stuck in the hole but i really love seeing this episode at times
  5. Episode 35: The Wizard of Fraggle Rock: as most people know the Thomas stories Daisy & Percy's Predicament never made it's appearance on Shining Time Station so using my non echo copy of Daisy i decided to put both stories in this episode and it's done pretty well
  6. Episode 38: The Secret of Convincing John: this features one of my faovirte edits in the series i made Wembley tell a Thomas story here and it's pretty funny X3
  7. Episode 39: Manny's Land of Carpets: another faovirte edit of mine was adding the Schemer's Arcade commercial from the old STS home videos and with help from Mike making it sound radio like it makes it an even better fit
  8. Episode 40: Junior Sells the Farm: oh Richard Hunt how i miss you this is a rather fun episode casue it's the very first time i had Mr. Conductor interact with the Gorgs starting with Junior where i have him called Mr. Conductor his "Imaginary Conductor Friend" and i love how i did this very nicely :-)
  9. Episode 45: Wembley & the Great Race: originally i didn't really enjoy this episode in normal form mostly because i didn't like how Gobo acted in this episode acting like a sore loser and all that but when it came time to make an MCA version i got an idea to make it work better using the STS episode Field Day since both are centered on "winning isn't always everything" so i picked up elements from Field Day and made them into this episode including one of my favorite STS songs which became the first time i made an STS song into this series the first i made too was Everyone's a Winner i still love how i made this a lot better than it normally was
  10. Episode 46: Doozer Is As Doozer Does: this is one of my favorite Doozer episode it's kinda like a little PSA kind of thing only without drugs but i really like how i made this episode especially with Mr. Conductor's scenes and the stories i chose

Season 3

  1. Episode 49: The Bells of Fraggle Rock: the only Christmas episode in MCVFR now i went through a couple of weeks of double uploads so that i can actually get this episode uploaded on Christmas Day and it was pretty tough i'll tell you that but i do like how i used the opening of this special from Mickey's Christmas Carol i like it :-)
  2. Episode 51: Boober & the Glob: i like how i made this episode here it's the first where i used both a Jack Story and a Thomas story in one episode and it's the first where i use a song from a different place for the end music video in this case it's Belly of the Whale from The Newsboys the same song used in Jonah: A VeggieTales movie i used both the music video seen in the DVD and the song from the movie soundtrack i love how i did this
  3. Episode 53: Blanket of Snow, Blanket of Woe: fun fact i actually heard the song used in this episode as a bonus feature from a Thomas DVD Track Stars to be exact and it kinda got me more into Fraggle Rock i really love how i did this episode and how i placed the stories
  4. Episode 54: Pebble Pox Blues: despite this being one of those episodes where Mr. Conductor is seen once and not seen again in the whole episode i kinda like how well i did this by including the Li'l Sneezer story and the Thomas story Dunkin' Duncan it's still a good episode either way
  5. Episode 55: Home is Where the Trash Is: this episode is rather sweet not only is it a comback to the character Wander McMooch but i really like how good this episode is and adding the STS song Home made it sweeter :-)
  6. Episode 56: Believe It or Not: this is an episode i remember seeing on of the HiT DVD releases before the seasons came in and this episode is rather cook and i like the character Skenfrith this episode i really like :-)
  7. Episode 57: Wembley & the Mean Genie: this is another episode i really like the Genie played by Richard Hunt was rather awesome and i liked how i placed the stories and the song Bad Guy into this this is a good recommendation :-)
  8. Episode 58: The Secret Society of Poohbahs: this is another "Mr. Conductor one shot" but i can't help it the Poohbah song is catchy X3
  9. Episode 59: The Beanbarrow, The Burden, and The Bright Bouquet: this episode is pretty cool for a couple of reasons one: i really like the connection made by Red & Lanford in the end, 2: i liked how i put the stories even Terence the Tractor, and 3: i love Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover :-)
  10. Episode 61: Scared Silly: this is another episode i hated mostly because of how Wembley's friends don't help him when he thinks he accidentally blew Boober up i kinda made this better by adding the song Laugh & a Half and made Mr. Conductor more helpful to Wembley
  11. Episode 63: Born to Wander: i really like this episode it's pretty much an origin kind of thing and it's pretty funny and another thing i really love all 4 Duke episodes mostly You Can't Win & Bulldog these two make a perfect fit for this episode in my opinion
  12. Episode 64: The Battle of Leaking Roof: this is one of my favorite Gorg episodes it's mostly centered on the Gorgs and not too centered on the Fraggles too much it gives a lot of good development on Pa Gorg and this episode is still pretty funny :-)
  13. Episode 65: Playing Till it Hurts: i really felt sorry for Red in this episode wanting to meet a celebrity she can't tell anyone about and then getting injured before she meets her i really like how i did this episode and adding the story and the songs Start All Over Again & Accidents Will Happen were nice additions
  14. Episode 66: Bored Stiff: another one shot but for a reason i made Mr. Conductor go to the Cul-de-Sac to get help from Edd and that's where the episode My Fair Ed comes into play making it kinda like a linked story in a way
  15. Episode 69: A Dark & Stormy Night: despite problems on DailyMotion making the episode have an age block due to the number 69 and i had to hold it for a week before fixing it but i do love how this episode went in a way it's pretty cool

Season 4

  1. Episode 71: Sprocket's Big Adventure: like A Friend in Need  this is another Sprocket in Fraggle Rock episode this is actually my favorite out of all three mostly to the interactions but i really like how this went this is also the first where i started with season 7 of Thomas too
  2. Episode 74: Uncle Matt's Discovery: even though this is another episode where Gobo & Matt fight i really love how this episode is done even the song i put in What Am I Afraid Of? it's still a good episode :-)
  3. Episode 75: Junior Faces the Music: i really love this episode it's another Gorg episode but it's done really good especially with Cantus helping Junior with the royal kazoo
  4. Episode 79: Wembley's Flight: i really love this episode and even though it's another one-shot it's done really well i really love the song put in this episode which is why the end credits has the instrumental it's so beautiful :-)
  5. Episode 80: Wonder Mountain: IDK why but this episode is still pretty awesome maybe it's because of that cactus song during the episode i still like it
  6. Episode 81: Red's Blue Dragon: this episode is pretty cool and it's made cooler with a special inclusion i had Thomas the Tank Engine make a guest appearance during the episode and i made it quite well :-)
  7. Episode 83: Boober Gorg: this was a funny episode Boober with amnesia thinking he's a Gorg it's so funny X3

Season 5:

  1. Episode 84: Mirror, Mirror: i really love how i did this episode it's both very sweet and very funny at times and i love how i included the song Baking a Cake and the Mavis stories in this it's pretty nicely done
  2. Episode 86: The Voice Inside: another Sprocket in Fraggle Rock episode this one really was a very nice episode to work with and adding the song There Once Was an Engine Who Ran Away at the end was a nice touch
  3. Episode 87: The Trial of Cotterpin Doozer: even though it's the last episode with Jack stories i love how this was done and the episode wasfunny ance nice on it's own too andit gave two bit characters Large Marvin & Feenie their own spotlight a little bit like Snips & Snails from MLPFIM
  4. Episode 88: The River of Life: this is one of the darket episodes in the series but this is still a beautiful episode mostly through it's very strong environmental message and adding The Island Song made it more beautiful :-)
  5. Episode 90: Gone, But Not Forgotten: the MCA version i made here is a dedication to Richard Hunt who not only played as Mudwell in this episode but is also behind the voice of Junior Gorg i really love how this episode handles death rather nicely i still remember when i lost my old dog Thomas :'(
  6. Episode 94: The Gorg Who Would Be King: the last main episode with the Gorgs and a good one to go out on i love how this episode was done and i added a special music video from the rare and highly sought after animated feature Twice Upon a Time by John Korty it seems to fit is very well
  7. Episode 96: Change of Address: i would talk about this but it's not out yet! i will say though that this episode is very nice and a good end to the show and even though it's the only episode to repeat an old story from the first episode it's still good in a way

Final Words

this was one huge project to work on all 96 episodes took me a whole year to complete i started Mr. Conductor's Adventures as a little something for Pooh's Adventures but when it was rejected i gladly made this series it's own thing and now i'm happy to say i'm happy with my own MCA series and i hope to make more in the future i don't know what what and i don't know how all i know is Mr. Conductor is a great man thank you George Carlin :-) Skullzproductions (talk) 21:15, February 10, 2017 (UTC)