Hey guys, it's Maddie! Now, here are my reasons why I'm doing crossovers between Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and Tweenies.

1. How do the Neighborhood of Make-Believe and Oakdale Playgroup connect anyway? Well, one day, the Tweenies and Doodles end up in the NOMB and ask for Daniel's assistance in leading them back home. And with that, Dad Tiger creates magical doorknobs that link between both the NOMB and Oakdale Playgroup.
2. Both DTN and Tweenies teach life lessons throughout their episodes. I could combine those lessons into one episode in my custom series. For instance, the episode Milo and Daniel's Sweets uses the song "You Can take a turn first, then I'll have it back!", same with "Daniel and Jake share their Tigertastic Car".
3. You've seen crossover specials to certain TV shows (The Simpsons Guy, Scoobynatural, TTG vs PPG, etc) and so I'm aiming to make a crossover series of both shows.
You see a lot of shows with a kid character and a sidekick (Dora the Explorer, Foster's, My Gym Partner's a Monkey, Grim Adventures etc)
4. Daniel's shy but brave personality could add on to the Tweenies' (Bella is loud and bossy, Fizz is cute and sweet, Milo is energetic and lively, and "Jakey" is, like Daniel, shy and brave)
5. Daniel's friends and the Tweenies could make friends with each other. Daniel could be friends with Jake, Katerina Kittycat and Miss Elaina could be friends with Bella and Fizz, Milo could be friends with Prince Wednesday, O the Owl and Jodi could be friends with Doodles and Izzles, Max and Judy could be friends with Teacher Harriet, and Chrissie could be friends with Polly (BION).
6. When Daniel makes believe in my custom series (like he does in his own), then the Tweenies could join him in doing so.
7. Daniel and the Tweenies could go back to back to Teacher Harriet's and Oakdale Playgroup.
8. Sometimes, an adult from the NOMB (Baker Aker, Doctor Anna, Music Man Stan etc) could be a guest for the Dancey Dance Time segments.
9. I could imagine Daniel and the Tweenies singing with each other and their friends singing with each other as well. Their theme songs could be combined, as well as "You Know You Have a Friend" and "It's Such a Good Feeling."
10. I'm also intending to remove the parts when Daniel asks the viewers questions.
So that's it. Those were my top 11 reasons why I felt like combining Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and Tweenies together, but I'm not sure if it would air on PBS Kids or CBeebies. If you have any other questions about it let me know.

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