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This is a list of Granny (horror game) update predictions in future versions.

List of Update Predictions[]

  • There will be a new item called "Bar Key" that will remove the iron bars blocking the Secret Area Tunnel (only on Extreme Mode).
  • The sixth day is obtainable on Hard and Extreme Mode by fixing the painting pieces.
  • There will be a new weapon: the double-barrel shotgun.
  • On preset #2, the winch handle will spawn in the Starting Bedroom.
  • There's more shotgun ammo in the house (there are shotgun ammo in Bedroom 1, the Garage, the Study, the Living Room, the Special Room, the Starting Bedroom, the Secret Area Top Floor, the Kitchen, Bedroom 2, and the Dining Room.
  • The single-barrel shotgun and the double-barrel shotgun will have unlimited ammo.
  • The crossbow will have unlimited tranquilizer darts.
  • The Player will have a jumping icon for him to jump.
  • Grandpa will appear in Granny.
  • Spider Mom will be removed from Practice Mode.
  • Spider Mom is no longer invincible and immortal, and she can now be killed by the single-barrel shotgun, the double-barrel shotgun, the crossbow and tranquilizer darts, and the Freeze Trap.
  • The Player can now survive the unstable flooring in the attic.
  • Multiplayer mode will be here.
  • If the player drops an item on the toilet in the Bathroom, it goes down the pipe and ends up in the Sewers.
  • The Player will press the hand icon to flush himself down the toilet in the Bathroom, going down a one-way pipe, and end up in the Sewers (the third way to access the Sewers).
  • The Sewers has a hole in the ceiling from the one-way pipe that is connected to the toilet in the Bathroom.
  • Granny's pets (the Crow and the Spider) can be killed with the crossbow and tranquilizer darts.
  • On Extreme Mode, Granny and Grandpa move at the Player's speed, Spider Mom is the same speed as Granny, Grandpa, and the Player.
  • There will be a new mode: Impossible Mode.
  • On Impossible Mode, Granny, Grandpa, and Spider Mom move 15% faster than the Player.