Hi. I'm JuacoProductionsArts, from DeviantArt. I just happened to come here, feeling curious about this Scratchpad fandom wiki. I used to be part of the Cartoon Fatness wiki before it had to be closed and, for a long time, I hadn't logged back in until this week.

Well. About me. I really like cartoony stuff and slapstick, which is something I grew up with when I was young. A lot of stuff that happens in cartoons are some of the stuff I like to see, including several silly movements, characters being flattened, crashing on walls, transformations and, specially, characters being inflated like balloons and flying around.

Anyway. I thought on checking this wiki after seeing Jeremy McAbee (Brandonmcabee)'s short series called "Mercy's Meetings". Even though it may be kinda okayish, I was feeling like wanting to talk with the creator of that show, eventually. Hopefully, I should be able to talk or be friends with Jeremy McAbee someday. I kinda liked his show's characters, apparently, and I was thinking about drawing them in the future. Maybe mimick and share some stuff with him too.

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