Rilaki (Lion King OC)

Name: Rilaki Species: Arabian wolf

Personality: Bad heart turned into good/Brave/Warm/Dark in the outside/Nice in the inside/Noisy/Active Age: 2

Homeworld: Outlands (formerly), Pridelands (from now on) Abilities: Howl, Charging and bumping into hyenas, swim really fast, high jump

Bio: Introducing Rilaki, an Arabian wolf born at the Outlands, he was made an enemy by Zira, but when he rescued by Simba and the spirit of Mufasa, he know a lot to handle hyena peer pressure, he decided to help his new home, The Pride Lands, defeat Zuboka back from if Sarabi really died. He gets his ability to do a loud howl, run and ram into a bad hearted hyena, he fast swims and jumps high.

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