• Panzer Dragon (Level 7-40) (Dragon City) as Bob Parr
  • Lightning Dragon (Level 7-40) (Dragon City) as Helen Parr
  • Ember (MLP: FiM) as Violet Parr
  • Spike (MLP: FiM) as Dash Parr
  • DemiVeemon (Digimon) as Jack Jack Parr
  • Obsidian Dragon (Adult level) (Dragonvale) as Syndrome
  • Obsidian Dragon (Juvenile level) (Dragonvale) as Young Syndrome/Incredi-boy
  • Ice Knight Dragon (Epic Level) (Dragon Story) as Frozone
  • Dream Dragon (Juvenile level) (Dragonvale) as Edna Mode
  • Fire Lizard Dragon (Dragons world) as Rick Dicker
  • Night Dragon (Epic Form) (Dragon Story) as Mirage
  • Garble (MLP: FiM) as Tony Ridinger
  • Fireworks Dragon (Dragons world) as Bomb Voyage
  • Full Moon Dragon (Baby Level) (Dragon Story) as Little boy on the tricycle
  • Smolder (MLP) as Kari McKeen
  • Ice Queen Dragon (Epic Level) (Dragon Story) as Honey Beast
  • Golem Dragon (Merge Dragons!) as The Underminer
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