This is the prank order for The animal house episode Animal's paradise.

The start of the prank order begain with Max turning on all the machines inside the motel room unintentionally.

Chloe - Gets trapped in a fold-in bed.

Ash - Gets stuck in gelatin.

Braixen - Gets stuck in a motel sign.

Gidget - Gets sparyed by a skunk.

Jibanyan - Falls in a room full of rhubarb pies,causing her face to swell up due to being allergic to rhubarb.

Fiona - Vanzilla's airbags puff up,causing her to loose one of her eyebrows.

Brainy barker - Gets trapped under a pile of dirty laundry.

Jumpy ghostface - Gets bleach dumped onto him,causing his intire complexion white.

Bunnicula - Gets swapped by a monkey.

Bolt - Gets attacked by a monkey that took Bunnicula's place.

Krypto and Cuddles are the remaining animals so they had to do one thing to finish off Buttercream.

The final prank goes on Buttercream where she gets stuck on the motel sign,falls onto a fold in bed that flings her into a bin of dirty laundry,gets launched into gelatin,gets sprayed by a skunk,and floats up unto the air by Jibanyan and Gidget's inflatable hamzat suit.