This is the total drama cast as Teen Titans!

p.s. this is my personal opinion on which characters suit what titan which is determined by personality, looks and love life.

tyler = robin lindsay = starfire gwen = raven duncan = beast boy dj = cyborg

this is the main cast and here’s my explanation, tyler is robin because of their similarities in trying to succeed, tyler tries so hard to be an athlete while robin tries so hard to be a leader. they also both struggle with their love life, robin always trying to impress starfire and get her to notice him while tyler tries hard to get lindsay to remember his name. which moves me on to lindsay i chose her to be starfire because of one main thing. they are both extremely loveable and above all clueless and dumb (in a good way ig) they also both have great fashion sense but when the time comes they can be harsh. example: when lindsay found out heather was really mean and fake and starfire when she found out blackfire was mean and fake. now moving onto gwen i chose her to be raven because they have a lot in common (obviously) and they have similar looks too, gwen and raven both love reading and writing in their book and although seem mean and cruel are actually really nice! now duncan being chosen as beast boy was mainly because of two reasons 1. duncan’s hair is green and beast boy is green and 2. because of his love life. now dj as cyborg should be pretty clear they are both extremely loveable and the looks are nearly spot on except for cyborg being mostly robot. now that was the explanation for the main cast we still have to get on to the others!

blackfire = heather terra = courtney jinx = bridgette aquaman = trent

now for this next set of cast i chose heather as blackfire because they are both extremely cruel, evil and manipulative . they also have similar looks with the long dark hair, another main reason is that heather and lindsay has a very “fake” relationship lindsay thought heather was her bestfriend whereas heather was just unsing her for her own benefit this is very similar scenario as blackfire and starfire although heather and lindsay aren’t sisters the exact same manipulation effort was used. courtney was chosen as terra because of her relationship with duncan/beastboy and also because she seemed good by the others but actually was kind of mean especially to duncan. she was controlling which basically sums up terra and beastboys relationship although deep down terra did actually like him. she was also chosen because of their determination they both have, they share many many qualities that are the same. now Bridgett's was a bit harder to do because jinx isn’t exactly the same as her because bridgette is clearly not evil but they both love to party and have fun and she loves a good girls night. but brigette and jinx love life is pretty different but i couldn’t rly find any other one hehe. and trent was chosen as aquaman mainly and only because of raven/gwen that is literally all. & now the next cast list.

max = gizmo owen = mammoth noah = see-more cody = billy numerous

max is the first non original cast on this list and this is because gizmo and him have a lot in common. max is always going around saying how “evil” he is where as everyone always teases him and laughs gizmo receives similar stuff about him being small, gizmo is also evil and i couldn’t think of anyone else than max to represent him. this is where the cast starts to get a little tricky, owen is pickled as mammoth only because of the looks he doesn’t necessarily look a lot like mammoth it’s mainly his size. noah is picked as see-more because of his looks. cody is picked as billy numerous based on the fact it was out of justin, harold or ezekiel. but billy is loveable by the other h.i.v.e members.

alejandro = slade

ik there are still many total drama and teen titan cast members spot i need to fill but for now i’m just gonna end this with alejandro as slade

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