This is my idea on the total drama cast X the loud house cast!

based on personality and/or looks

cast: oldest to youngest

lori: courtney leni: lindsay luna: trent luan: izzy lynn: tyler lincoln : harold or cody lucy: gwen lana: owen lola: katie and sadie lisa: noah or beth lily: too young

explanation: courtney is lori because they both love their phones / pda and can be very bossy but also understanding. lindsay is leni because they are both stereotyped the ‘dumb blonde’ and have a great fashion taste. luna is trent because of their love for music. izzy is luan because of their shared love for pranks and jokes. lynn is tyler as they are both athletes and love sports. lincoln is cody/harold because he loves video games and is great at coming up with plans, playing music, being a ninja and more. lucy is gwen because of their stereotypical’goth’ theme and they both love reading and writing. lana is owen because of their shared mess making skills. lola is katie and sadie because of their love for looks (i was gonna do sugar for love of pageants but i wanted to keep the cast og). lisa is noah or beth for the brains of noah and the looks of beth. and lastly lily is too young to show any personality but i’ll put her as ezekiel because ezekiel too is ‘forgotten’ and his personality is kinda whack.

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