I went into Flippy4444's message thread wall and asked a few questions here. I asked if Kelly is Flippy's girlfriend, he said yes. I asked if she was a Happy Tree Frienss character, he said no and then claimed that she was from Hilda.

But when I realized that he has been vandalizing casts by replacing a male Happy Tree Friends character with Flippy as the role of the main male protagonist and replacing a female Happy Tree Friends character with either Yuri or Kelly as the role of the main female protagonist. While he has either abandoned each of his accounts or blocked for sockpuppeting, he just won't stop creating new accounts that has "Flippy" at the beginning.

Akari and Arizona, you have got to see this!

You too, AshKetchumInitialDHero!

LegalizeAnythingMuppets, Tiffy33, Vinhchaule, Andrewteel213, Ngb96 and HatariAlchemistCookieStan, all of you have to see this!

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