Here are the top 10 users I want to protect their articles:

10. RebeccaTheSorceress - I add warning cast to her because I forgot to check it.

9. FireTrainThomas01 - I save his cast roles by adding warning cast by protection.

8. NaturalFreshOtter00 - In the past, I add warning cast because of the rule.

7. BiggestThomasFan - I save his ideas and also please don't mess his edits by adding or vandalism.

6. LegalizeAnythingMuppets - I add warning cast, corrected categories to him, and also he needs to research the character role with similar personality (polite, smart, etc.).

5. Dynasti the Radicles Fangirl - I protect her cast lists according to warning rule.

4. Grimka Butterfly - I save her warning casts according to rule.

3. Ngb96 - He and Pikachufreak are very busy, making their ideas as partners, and never ever edit their pages.

2. AshKetchumInitialDHero - I tell the users according to thread and then he blocks article thieves for editing cast lists and vandalism.

1. Josephlu2021 - I protect his edits and then he needs to fix his edit by some typos.

Honorable Mentions

  • JessicaFin23 - She helps me and my friends to fix typos and also add categories.
  • RetroGameFan9000 - He add categories to the edits that are not categorized right as he helps us according to thread.
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