About myself

  • Name: Akari Mitsu (or Angelina Mac)
  • Nicknames: Angelina-tan
  • Age: 15
  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Vietnamese-American
  • Religion: Christian
  • Birthday: August 8, 2003
  • Half-birthday: February 8
  • Zodiac: Leo
  • Half-zodiac: Aquarius
  • Occupation: Student, singer (for Pacific Time Zone), and artist
  • Personality: Polite, cool, and friendly
  • Relatives: ArizonaYes DelawareNo (love interest), Joycelyn Mac (older sister), Phuong Mac (mother), Dao Mac (father), and Lucky (pet dog)
  • Friends: AshKetchumInitialDHero, Grimka Butterfly, Dynasti the Radicles Fangirl, Xaviere.smith, and etc.
  • Likes: Friends, memories, drawing and writing, J-Pop songs, and visual arts
  • Dislikes: Traumatic past and bullies

My favs

  • Color: Pink and Rainbow colors
  • Hobby: Listening to music, singing, and playing on computer (or tablet)
  • Food: Strawberries, pizza, eggs, and etc.
  • Character: Cure Fortune, Melissa Thorn, Kokkuri-san, Fox McCloud, Tabby Von Meow, Kalimba Tiki, Drossel Von Flugel, Myron Van Buren, and Maps Mizoguchi
  • Singer: Katy Perry and Celine Dion
  • Band: Every Little Thing, China Dolls, and SPEED
  • Video Game: Kirby's Epic Yarn, Mario Party 3, Zool, and Tetris series
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