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I got Ren Hoek in the quiz and I was confused that whether I am Ren or Stimpy. I am happy with it. I also take a test of Plants vs Zombies which is Garlic and I also got sonic because that's what I wanted to be.

to be a character it's not about the appearance, the age, the birth, race, gender or even sexuality. The personality makes you a character And you have to understand the personality of the character that suits you or not if you want to get the true character. You have to match the characters' personality to fit in not otherwise or assume it until more researched or you can just keep it as their assume personality which is okay.

Pros and Cons about Scratchpad

It’s just me though.

Pros/should have

  • Some characters do actually match their personality but really it's not the gender
  • Some characters are of the same gender since the series or characters are more genders oriented.

Cons/shouldn't exist

  • Adding characters as characters only because of their age groups or only the genders.
  • Random character considerations such a Sonic as Mr. Happy or Amy Rose as Olivia (Oggy).

I don’t go over the heads of genders, boys can be female characters and girls can be male characters though. My parody is a different formula because it is personality based and similar characteristics in personality.

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