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  • I live in U.S. States
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  • My occupation is Photographer, Typewriter, Defender, Swimmer, Dancer, Singer, Sole Survivor, and Artist
  • I am Female

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Hi <insert name here>! My name is Akari Mitsu (あかり みつ)/Ari Myung (아리명). My current relationship is Arizona the State Man (aka. ArizonaYes DelawareNo). I'm the nice and improved version of Angelinamac7 (user). If you need help, please contact me or active administrators in special page → Special:ListAdmins.

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  • Resolving double and broken redirects.
  • Uploading my favorite videos.
  • Creating icons
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  • Roleplaying.
  • Researching on character's final bosses, true main protagonists, etc.
  • Image Control logs (coming soon to install).
  • Creating parodies with warning cast.
  • Editing State Man-related pages, my-related pages, etc..


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