Unconferences (adapted from the Wikipedia)

The event starts with an introduction by the organisers rearticulating the purpose of the event, the guidelines for conduct during the day and the parameters of the event.

The organisers then explain the start and end time of the event, duration of the sessions, breaks for food, how to access the network etc.

The basis 'rules' of the Unconference......

(1) The people who come are the best people who could have come.

2) Whatever happens is the only thing that could have happened.

3) It starts when it starts.

4) It's over when it's over.

5) The Law of Two Feet ("If you are not learning or contributing to a talk or presentation or discussion it is your responsibility to find somewhere where you can contribute or learn").

Like all 'laws' or 'principles' at an Unconference, participants should feel free to break any or all of these rules if they feel that they are not contributing to the intellectual rigour or content of the event.

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