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We have an opportunity to improve the quality of our world for future generations. We can make choices about where we work and how we work that can have an enormous impact on our environment. With that said, we need to work together to establish and maintain standards that others can apply to conduct their businesses in a more environmentally friendly manner.


The goal is to establish and adopt a set of community-created standards that non-manufacturing businesses can use as a guideline to reduce negative environmental impact.

Logos are available for download and display, indicating support of the TurnLeaf Standards page.
The TurnLeaf™ EcoAware™, EcoFriendly™, or EcoChampion™ logos must link to our TurnLeaf Standards page to encourage others to adopt or challenge our standards. The honor system will be applied: If you think your company meets the standards, then display the logo. Let your conscience hold you accountable! (An example from If you cannot participate, please find someone who can and send them this URL:

TurnLeaf Standards

View the new TurnLeaf Standards for non-manufacturing office compliance.

Top Level Standards Categories:

  1. Environmental
  2. Energy
  3. Business Inputs and Outputs
  4. Community Impacts, Enhancements and Connections

Are we missing a top level category? As an example, does the environment extend beyond the physical into the mental — should there be a standard for reducing work-related stress? What about “Green” awareness — using the work environment to challenge people to take action at home?


  1. Worldwide Green Office Initiatives
  2. Green Wombat Blog
  3. Harvard Green Campus Initiative
  4. Arizona State University's Sustainability Initiative
  5. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)
  6. Five Limes Shop Green
  7. EPA - Setting Up a Home Office
  8. EPA - Planning Environmentally Aware Events
  9. EPA - Climate Change: Business
  10. GreenBiz Toolbox
  11. EcoECU Green Office Guidelines (Australia)
  12. Phoenix City Recycling Guidelines
  13. U.S. Green Building Council
  14. USGBC Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

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