This is an alternative manifesto of the Medgpl project. It does not include the repository part of the project but only the development part.

It focuses more on the values behind the project (technology must be used to improve human condition) instead of the way to implement it (GPL, free software, open source, FOSS or FLOSS). It also could be a subproject that is part of what is currently named "Medgpl".

I write it down here on the suggestion of Delaroyas for discussion purpose.

TraInHS manifesto

We believe that technology must be used to improve human condition.

The means to achieve a better collaboration between specialists, a better diffusion of technical knowledge and the lowest cost possible must be sought in order to use the technology in the better way possible.

The health sector is greatly impacted by the technology breakthrough, notably by the use of the computer science. However, we believe that the model that is currently the norm to develop, distribute and use the software in the health sector can be greatly improved and that a better efficiency would benefit all mankind.


Specialists must be able to see the implementation of source code. In this way, they can evaluate it, improve it and share it with other specialists and non-specialists.

In order to do so, transparency of applications is a requirement for software in the health sector.


Knowledge and algorithms must not be bundled on a specific device or company. Efforts and time involved in works previously done must be reused, time being a constraint and must be spent on discovering new areas of unknown, not spent on doing what was previously done.

In order to do so, independency of device(s) and of company is a condition to optimize the ressources available to develop software for the health sector.


TrainHS stands for "Transparent and Independant Health Software".

It is a project that aims to coordinate initiatives in the health sector for software that implements the values of collaboration between actors and lower the cost of diffusion and usage.

We choosed the Free software model for the licenses of software that are part of TraInHS because it translates concretely the values we are looking for to achieve our goals.

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