Theodore Tugboat/Pingu are parodies with Pingu sounds and Theodore Tugboat clips.


  • Theodore as Pingu
  • Hank as Robby
  • Carla as Pinga
  • Foduck as Pingo
  • Nautilus as Pingg
  • George as Pingu's Dad
  • Sigrid as Pingu's Mom
  • Emily as Pingi
  • The Dispatcher as The Schoolmaster
  • Oliver as Hockey Player 1
  • Zip (from TUGS) as Hockey Player 2
  • Zug (from TUGS) as Hockey Player 3
  • Snorri as The Seagull
  • Cabot as Leopard Seal
  • Baddeck as Pingu's Grandfather
  • R Boat as The Grumpy Punguin
  • Fundy as Prince
  • Digby as Bajoo
  • Shamus as Punki
  • Kulu as Pingu with Green Skin
  • Northumberland as Pongi
  • The Harbor Master as The Mayor

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