Cast (Version 1)

  • Lincoln Loud as Max
  • Leni Loud as Gidget
  • Luna Loud as Duke
  • Chandler as Snowball
  • Lynn Loud as Tiberius
  • Rusty Spokes as Mel
  • Lori Loud as Chloe
  • Lily Loud as Sweet Pea
  • Liam as Norman
  • Rita Loud (Mom) as Max and Duke's Owner
  • Clyde McBride as Buddy
  • Pop-Pop as Pops

Cast 1.5

  • Same as Version 1 except
  • Clyde McBride as Duke
  • Ronnie Anne as Gidget
  • Luna Loud as Buddy

Cast 2 (By Deecat98)

  • Max as Lincoln loud
  • Chloe as Lori loud
  • Gidget as Ronnie Anne
  • Leonard as Luna loud (Genderbent role)
  • Mel as Clyde McBride
  • Buddy as Lynn loud,Jr (Genderbent role)
  • Tiberius as Lucy loud (Genderbent role)
  • Snowball as Chandler
  • Peppy as Zach
  • Norman as Lisa loud
  • Sweetpea as Lilly loud

Hope you enjoyed these parodies! If ya did, that’s great! Thanks and have an awesome day

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