Cast: (Version 1 by DEEcat98/Dianecat98)

  • Mrs Agnes as Mrs Frizzle
  • Walt as Liz
  • Clyde Mc Bride as Arnold Perlstein
  • Luan Loud as Carlos Ramon (Genderbent Role)
  • Lori Loud as Dorothy Ann
  • Lynn Loud as Keesha Franklin
  • Lincoln Loud as Ralphie Tennelli
  • Bobby Santiago as Tim
  • Lucy Loud as Wanda Li
  • Leni Loud as Phoebe Terese
  • Lola Loud as Janet Perlstein


Season 1:

  1. Gets Lost in Space
  2. For Lunch
  3. Inside Lincoln
  4. Gets Eaten
  5. Hops Home
  6. Meets the Rot Squad
  7. All Dried Up
  8. In The Haunted House
  9. Gets Ready, Set, Dough
  10. Plays Ball
  11. Goes to Seed
  12. Gets Ants in Its Pants
  13. Kicks Up a Storm
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