• Lincoln Loud as George Pig
  • Lola Loud as Peppa Pig
  • Ronnie Anne Santiago as Suzy Sheep
  • Maria Santiago as Mrs. Sheep
  • Rita Loud as Mummy Pig
  • Lynn Loud Sr. As Daddy pig
  • Lily Loud as Baby Alexander Pig

Whistling Quotes

(Lola comes right downstairs to the kitchen.)

Lola: [Sighs Heavily]

Rita: "Is something the matter, Lola?"

Lola: "I can't even whistle, but everybody in Royal Woods can."

Rita: "Never mind that for now, I'm making chocolate fudge cookies, would you like to lick the spoon?"

Lola: "No thank you, Mother, can I call Ronnie Anne instead?"

Rita: "Okay, Lola."

[Wireless Telephone Noises]

Maria: "Hello, Mrs. Loud."

Rita: "Hello, Mrs. Santiago, can Lola speak with Ronnie Anne, please?"

Lola: "Hi there, Ronnie Anne."

Ronnie Anne: "Hi there, Lola, what are you doing?"

Lola: "I'm learning how to whistle, but I just can't do it yet."

Ronnie Anne: "Hmm...that sounds hard."

Lola: "It's impossible, uh...can you even whistle, Ronnie Anne?"

Ronnie Anne: "No."

Lola: "Oh good, I mean-that's disturbing if you can't even whistle, but good 'cause I can't even whistle."

Ronnie Anne: "What's whistling anyhow?"

Lola: "You pucker your mouth a bit then gently blow it all out."

Ronnie Anne: "Like this?"

Ronnie Anne: [Whistles Loudly]

(Lola hangs up the wireless telephone.)

Ronnie Anne: "Hello? Lola? hello?"

(Rita opens up the kitchen oven with oven mitts on her hands and picks up the baking tray full of chocolate fudge cookies.)

Rita: "The chocolate fudge cookies are finished baking."

Lynn Loud Sr.: "Oh good, chocolate fudge cookies."

Lincoln (leaning right over on his chair): "Wooooow."

Rita: "They'll be hot, you should blow on them 1st."

Lynn Loud Sr.: "Ooh, ah!"

(Lynn Loud Sr. blows right on the chocolate fudge cookie.)

Lincoln: [Laughs A Bit]

(Lincoln blows right on the other goblin cookie.)

Rita: "Do you not want a chocolate fudge cookie, Lola?"

Lola: "No thanks, Mother, (she walks away.) I think I might go outside and be on my own for a bit."

(Cut to Lola going outside and opening the front door.)

Lynn Loud Sr.: "Can you even whistle yet?"

Lola: "It's no use, Daddy, I'm never gonna be able to whistle, ever."

Lynn Loud Sr.: "Have you been practicing?"

Lola: "Yes, lots of times, but it doesn't even work."

Rita: "You need a little bit of rest and relaxation, Lola, here, have a chocolate fudge cookie, it's hot, you should blow."

Lola: [Blows Softer And Harder]

Lola: [Continues Blowing Softer And Harder]

Lola: [Whistles A Bit]

Lola: "Oh, what did I just do?"

Lynn Loud Sr.: "I think you just whistled a bit there, Lola."

Lola: [Takes Deep Breath]

Lola: [Whistling 3 Blind Mice

Lola: [Giggles A Bit]

Rita: "What a lovely cheerful tune."

Narrator: "Lola's finally learned how to whistle."

Lola: [Laughs A Bit] "I can finally whistle right now!"

Lola: [Whistling Circus Theme Tune]

(The rest of the family members are filming Lola to put her on an on tape.)

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