• Mr. M as Count von Count
  • Mr. T, Mr. F, Mr. H, Mr. N, Mr. B, Mr. Z, Mr. Miss A, Miss E, Miss I, Miss O, Miss U, Mr. S, Mr. V, Mr. C, Mr. K, Mr. G, Mr. D, Mr. L, Mr. Y and Mr. W as Pipe Organ


Mr. M: Ah, greetings. It is I, Mr. M. Do you know what the number of the day is? No? Neither do I. Ah, ah, ah. Well, right now, we're going to find out. Time to tickle the ivories. Heh, heh.

Mr. T: 1.

Mr. F: 2.

Mr. H: 3.

Mr. N: 4.

Mr. M: Not there yet. Let's keep counting.

Mr. B: 5.

Mr. Z: 6.

Miss A: 7.

Miss E: 8.

Mr. M: Oh, number of the day, where are you?

Miss I: 9.

Miss O: 10.

Miss U: 11.

Mr. M: The suspense is mounting!

Mr. S: 12.

Mr. V: 13.

Mr. C: 14.

Mr. M: Oh, this is so exciting! Which number will it be?

Mr. K: 15.

Mr. G: 16.

Mr. D: 17.

Mr. L: 18.

Mr. M: Oh, will we ever find out the number of the day?

Mr. Y: 19.

Mr. M: Could it be?

Mr. W: 20.

Mr. M: 20. It's the number 20!

(The number 20 rises from the bottom to the music from "2001: A Space Odyssey".)

Mr. M: What took you so long? Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. 20! Wonderful 20! Ah, ah, ah.