Version 1[edit]

  • Timmy as Bowser Junior
  • AJ as Chef Pee Pee 
  • Cosmo as Jeffy
  • Chester as Toad
  • Poof as Jackie Twu
  • Trixie as Emily Coleman
  • Veronica as Samantha
  • Mr. Crocker as Black Yoshi
  • Wanda as Feebee
  • Timmy's Dad as Bowser
  • Timmy's Mom as Judy
  • Vicky as Peach
  • Francis as Tanner
  • Edward (Thomas and Friends) as Mario
  • Molly (Thomas and Friends) as Rosalina

Version 2

  • Timmy as Toad
  • AJ as Jeffy
  • Cosmo as Bowser Junior
  • Chester as Joseph
  • Sanjay as Cody
  • Trixie as Toadette
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