The cover to the premiere issue (May 2005).

The Belch Dimension Comics is a self-published comic book written, drawn, and distributed on the Web by artist and author Jonathan M. Sweet. The entire series may be previewed and purchased at the official website, Smoking Cat Productions.

Sweet has been writing and drawing the series since high school, though it has only been actively distributed since April 2005. The series stars an eponymously-named hero, Jonathan Sweet.

Jonathan Sweet has super abilities which were given to him as a boy in a chemical explosion. He is the leader of The Treehouse Warriors, whose secret headquarters is a treehouse located in Jigaboo Junction.

Jon's friends are an assortment of teenagers like himself-- his best friend and technowiz Josh, who builds the team's arsenal of gadgets and weapons; Angela, his best female friend; Jon's younger brother Ben, who speaks in a garbled spit-growl that only Jon and the others can seem to comprehend, has a preternatural sense of smell and a longer-than-normal tongue, and who fights by spinning around at top speed (recalling the cartoon character the Tasmanian Devil); Billy, Josh's brother, a kid who is perpetually unlucky; Larry, the team's only black member, who is trained in hand-to-hand combat and acts as Jon's bodyguard; Flunger and Gort, two extraterrestrial refugees from the dead planet Flung, who now live on Earth; Molina, the seeress whose past and even last name is a mystery; and others. Many of the characters are based on kids Sweet knew growing up.

The artwork is done in a minimalist style, with the major players rendered as stick figures.

The superhero roster frequently rotates from mission to mission, though it almost always includes some combination of Jon, Josh, Ben and/or Angela at its core.

Major storylines in BDC focus on the villainous figures that plague the main cast of heroes, such as the megalomaniacal Snakeman, a.k.a. "Hiss Hole". Many issues have B- or individual stories that feature lighter sitcom premeses (such as a character getting a job, learning to drive, or going on dates) and may star a peripheral character such as Jon's dog Buddy, minor team members, or one of the Jigaboo Junction townfolk. The first issue was hand-colored for the first two thirds; the third half and all issues from then forward were colored with a Photoshop program, which gave each issue a smoother and more professional feel.

Year One (2005-06)

April 15, 2005
Hiss Hole Comes to Town
Jon, Josh, Angela, Billy, Ben, Larry, Jason, Molina, Tony Moneran, Hiss Hole, Slobber Face, Noodle Nozzle, Gorilla Man
A master villain has harnessed the power of lightning during a storm to reenter our dimension. He seeks to reassemble his armies and resume his dream of world conquest. To accomplish this, he commandeers a house belonging to local bully Tony Moneran--declaring it his headquarters--and kicks him and his crew out on the street. Monty must now work with Jon to get back what's his. But can the two work together against a common foe without destroying one another?

  • One of two 28-page issues, the others being "Once Upon a Time Warp".

May 13, 2005
Elementary School, My Dear Potson
Truth...Or Else!
Jon's boys face off against Monty's gang on a TV game show, where each contestant must face an outrageous physical challenge if they give the wrong answer--in "Truth...or Else!" Plus, Jon dons deerstalker cap and magnifying glass to become England's greatest sleuth. With his faithful companion Potson in tow, he must keep his arch-nemesis from using his evil genius to turn all of London into a London broil.

June 10, 2005
A Fair Fight
Jon, Josh, Angela, Billy, Ben, Larry, Chance, Fingers, Jimmo, Timmy, Flunger, Gort, Hiss Hole, Slobber Face, Noodle Nozzle, Jello Brain, Prof. Fruitcake
An afternoon out turns into a mission when a Cobra Clan plot to serve beverages laced with mind-altering drugs is uncovered. Can the Warriors stop Hiss Hole from turning the state fair into an altered-state fair with his poison punch?

  • Gort first appeared in Truth...or Else, issue #2.

July 8, 2005
Small Medium at Large
The Raving
Driving Miss Crazy
Ahhhhhh!! Run for your life! Woman driver on the loose! Angela's getting behind the wheel for her first driving lesson in "Driving Miss Crazy"! Plus, Billy gets a bad case of future shock from a conk on the cabeza in "Small Medium at Large", and the Sweet brothers act like a couple of "Poe" sports!

August 12, 2005
High-Sea Hijinks
Jon, Josh, Angela, Ben, Larry, Chance, Hiss Hole, Captain Maggot
Yarrr! It's scurvy landlubbers vs. briny sea dogs when the Treehouse Warriors board a ship full of bloodthirsty pirates and are forced to swashbuckle for their very lives! Sixteen men on a dead man's chest! Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! And all those other great pirate cliches there, too! Yarrr!!

September 9, 2005
To the Letter
Soup to Mutts
Persian Goof
Buddy literally winds up in hot water this time when a crackpot wants him for his crockpot in "Soup to Mutts"! Plus, Josh, Ben, and Jon give a big tip of the button-cap to great cartoon director Charles M. "Chuck" Jones when they run afoul of a fanatical desert rat in "Persian Goof".

October 31, 2005
Paleozoic Error
Fortune Kooky
Un-Civil Warriors
Josh's newest invention, a time machine, whisks the team off to all manner of exotic locales and distant epochs. Go reeling through the years with the Warriors...then you'll have all sorts of tidbits to impress your teacher with Monday morning--like where pizza comes from!

  • First 36-page issue.

November 2, 2005
All's Farrakhanine in Love and War
Canine Calamity
A Little Re-Read Riding Hood
When Brandy's head is turned by the charismatic Louis Farrakhanine (no resemblance to that crazy Million-More March guy intended--no, really!), Buddy wonders if this charmer's golden tongue might not have a bit of tarnish on it. It's a fight for alpha-male supremacy between The Krudd and Screwy Louie. But you know what they say: "All's Farrakhanine in Love and War"!

December 31, 2005
A Girl and Her Chair
Jon, Josh, Angela, Ben, JasonMolina, Tony Moneran, Jeanne Stonehart, Hiss Hole, Slobber Face, Noodle Nozzle, Gorilla Man, Prof. Fruitcake
The "handi-capable" new girl in town, Jeanne Stonehart, teaches The Treehouse Warriors some very valuable lessons about how to treat friends who happen to have disabilities--with love, patience, and dignity. Jeanne's legs may be weak, but her mind is powerful. A buried memory from childhood could, in the wrong hands, bring about the end of the world as we know it...and Hiss Hole's hands are about as wrong as it gets.

January 27, 2006
Standup and Deliver
Football Follies
The I.P. Freely Inhumane Society
Angela becomes a champion for decency in the media after an infamous shock comedian's jests rub her the wrong way. It's a staged battle of wits with the rude comic, and his arsenal of crass one-liners and F-bombs can't stand up to her sharp wit, quick-change disguises, and literally dynamite props.


For December, instead of a mistletoe, we had a missile towed. Debut of Jeanne Stonehart.

February 22, 2006
Who Decapitated Codger Carbuncle?
Home Alien
Jon, Josh, Angela, Jimmo, Tony Moneran, Scarface, Principal Stonehart
After the statue in front of the high school gets its top blown off, Principal Stonehart blows his--and immediately starts rounding up the usual suspects. So to get into the spirit, let's grab sexpot Ally Sheedy and misunderstood delinquent Anthony Michael Hall, put them in the detention room, and get ready to untangle the mystery of "Who Decapitated Codger Carbuncle?"

  • Theme: TV/Film parodies.

March 24, 2006
Dog Training
Whacky Dracky
Gort's Guide to Managerial Economics
Moo-ha-ha-ha!! It's a totally f***ed-up April Fool's prank when the scripts get mixed up, and all the Belch Dimension stars get switched into one another's storylines and paired up in some of the most inconceivable combinations known to man. But hopefully we'll have it all straightened out by next month's issue.

Year Two (2006-07)

April 28, 2006
Soul Feud
Jon, Josh, Angela, Molina, Marcie, Hiss Hole, Slobber Face, Noodle Nozzle, Gorilla Man, Prof. Fruitcake
Josh and Jon are dead!! Noooooooooooo!!!!! Without their fearless leader and their second-in command, is this the end of the Treehouse Warriors? Come to think of it, without the stars, is this the end of Belch Dimension Comics? Will we have to rent this space out to another series next month?? Aaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!!!

  • First story in black-and-white.
  • First issue to feature a pinup.

May 26, 2006
Nutzi Nazis
The Trio of Trouble blips back in time to witness firsthand the rise to power of history's greatest madman, Adolf Hitler. However, when the Nazis get a hold of the Time Couch, the mission gets more half-baked, saltier, and twisted than a bag of Bavarian pretzels. Can Jon and company get the Couch back and make it home? Or by the time they see 2006 again, will our heroes be collecting social security?'

Aug 28, 2006
Carnival Knowledge
Jon, Josh, Angela, Flunger, Gort, Dr. I.P. Freely
A new carnival has just opened up on the edge of town, and its brand-new attraction promises to bring folks in droves. But just what is it that's being housed inside the main tent--and why does it capture our heroes' attention? Is impenitent impresario Ichabod Freely really on the level this time, or is the carny a cover for one of his scabrous schemes?

  • First story done in alternating color and black-and-white pages.

Sep 5, 2006
Misadventures in Baby-Sitting
Guidance System
As new college graduates, diplomas in hand, prepare to march forth into the work force, the Belch Dimension Players offer up this whacky look into the world of employment. Join Jon, Josh, and Ben as they become three cobblestones on the path to a good, Sharon has a few "Mis-Adventures in Baby-Sitting" of her own with a pack of reluctant rugrats.

  • Theme: Jobs.
  • Features the second story done in alternating color and black-and-white pages.

    Dying is easy--it's comedy that's hard. (May 2006)

September 29, 2006
Plant Feud
A Walk on the Wildlife Side
Jon, Josh, Angela, Ben, Hiss Hole, Prof. Fruitcake
It's not easy being green...and leafy, as Josh and Jon soon discover after a lab mishap turns them into a pair of human-vegetable hybrids. Will they find a way to nip the problem in the bud as well as stem the tide of Hiss Hole's latest plant plot? Will the wily snake-in-the-grass leaf them bushed with his infatiguable stamen-a? Or will our herbivorous heroes quickly grass-p the solution to this thorny problem? Aye, there's the sh-rub!

October 18, 2006
Lightning Strikes (Terror In) Me Again
Home Alien II
Scaredy Cat
Jiga-Boo! Ha ha ha!! It's Tales From the Crypt-style gross-out horror...perfomed by our usual cast of assorted nuts. Three spooky tales with twisty endings.

October 27, 2006
The Foul Stench of Doom!
Jon, Josh, Angela, Hiss Hole,Slobber Face, Noodle Nozzle, Gorilla Man, Prof. Fruitcake, Demi-Jon
The Treehouse Warriors face their foulest threat ever--the FartKnocker, a criminal mastermind who plans to bring the city to its knees with his unique brand of flatulent perfidy. Will they be able to defeat this gaseous madman's stinkin' thinkin' before he renders the entire city an uninhabitable waste-product wasteland, over which he will rule as king? Plus, Jon ends up literally beside himself when he's forced to battle his own dark half, in "Demi-Jon".

  • Second 36-page issue.
  • Second story in black-and-white.

December 1, 2006
Keyed Up
All That Jazz
Inferior Decorators
The Christmas holidays can be such a headache, what with shopping and wrapping presents and preparing meals for about two or three dozen screaming, fighting, mooching extended family members who will be underfoot all weekend. Even more of a pain is having to work over the holidays to pay for all that! The Trio of Trouble earns extra cash for the holidays as piano movers and by redecorating a rich lady's house. Plus, when a new girl joins the KSSA crew, can their morning show misfits tone down the sexist humor, or will their boss have them by the call buttons?

December 28, 2006
Once Upon a Time Warp
Jon, Josh, Angela, Billy, Ben, Hiss Hole
Frustrated by countless losing battles, huge setbacks, and crushing defeats, Hiss Hole uses a time machine to return back to the halcyon days when our heroes were but wee defenseless children. Can Jon and company keep the wily snake from altering the timestream and enticing their past selves into a life of crime?

  • One of two 28-page issues, the others being "Hiss Hole Comes to Town".
  • Third story done in alternating color and black-and-white pages.

January 26, 2007
What a Drag!
Desperate Housecats
Undercover work can be a real drag--especially when Gort and Ben, a.k.a "Gretel" and "Bernadette", are on the case. Plus, Punkin has a date for Valentine's Day with a persnickety purebred--but he's going to have to work hard to woo her.

  • Theme: Valentine's Day.

February 23, 2007
Family Ties
Jon (FB), Josh (FB), Angela (FB), Jimmo, Larry (FB), Chance (FB), Ben (FB), Rasputin
Starring...Jimmo! This issue features that madcap magic man embarking on his first solo mission to the wild, untamed, steamy jungles! When a university coed is rendered her nearly comatose by a mysterious poisoning, our favorite mini-mage has to get to the bottom of well as come to grips with his own strange origins and the sister he has not seen in five long years.

  • First multi-issue arc.
  • First appearance of Penyem Segal, Jimmo's older sister.
  • Second appearance of Chibi Jon, Chibi Josh, and Chibi Angela. Debuts of Chibi Chance, Chibi Larry and Chibi Ben.

March 26, 2007
Missed Manners
Family Ties (2)
Jimmo, Rasputin
Angela thinks Josh, Jon, and Ben are turning into a pack of couch-potato slobs, so she decides to try to impart a little class on them. She makes reservations for the Trio and herself at a posh eatery, hoping the high-class atmosphere will rub off on them. But can Angela transform these sow's ears into three designer Gucci silk purses?

Year Three (2007-08)

April 30, 2007
Jon, Kathryn Tarkakoff, Rhea Borstein, Tom Little
By day, a mild-mannered cartoonist for a small school night, a costumed heroine fighting for truth, justice, and, like, you know, stuff like that. But will the Teen of Titanium accept a dame muscling in on his turf?

  • Silver anniversary issue.
  • Third 36-page issue.
  • Second multi-issue arc.
  • This issue was dedicated to Ken Prince, onetime artist for The Arkansas State University Herald, who died of a stroke a year before this episode was produced.

May 28, 2007
SweetTart (2)
The Belch Dimension's Stupidest Home Videos
Jon, Kathryn Tarkakoff, Rhea Borstein, Tom Little
What's black and white and Red all over? A campus newspaper, of course! Kit digs deeper to unearth Rhea Borstein 's murderous machinations. But will her story end up on the front page...or the obituaries?

  • Second issue to feature a pinup.

June 29, 2007
SweetTart  (3) 
Jon, Kathryn Tarkakoff, Rhea Borstein, Tom Little
Poor dumb Mugsy's on the outs with Monty, and it's up to Jon and Angela to use every clever ruse in their bag of tricks to turn this hotheaded half-pint from a fiend to a friend.

July 20, 2007
Up in the Air
Par for the Coarse
K.9 C.R.U.D
Monty gets some balls--golf balls, that is--when he challenges Gort in a winner-take-all game of golf. But will this joker's club leave our red ace with jack, or does our little diamond in the rough have what it takes to win in spades? Plus, Josh and Ben run afoul of a fouler, and Buddy tangles with a tin-plated terror.

August 31, 2007
Spring Forward, Fall Back
Jiggawatt! (2)
Jon, Josh, Molina, Jiggawatt
A force who claims to be the ghost of Malice Jiggs--an insane serial killer who was executed months before--has struck down The Warriors' resident empath, Molina. Now a bolt of living lightning, Jiggs can move through electric wires, attack his victims, harvest their souls, and escape without a trace. Can the boys stop this walking joy buzzer before he goes on a fresh killing spree in a new town?

  • The third story in black-and-white.


That's why the lady is a champ (May-Jul 2007).

Sep 24, 2007
Hecklin' Jekyll
Spastic Explosive
It's the "Weird Science" issue, hosted by Prof. Sydney Fruitcake of the Cobra clan! Featuring a crash course in every major scientific discipline: physiology studies...elementary physics--it's a whole semester condensed into 24 full-color pages!

October 30, 2007
Little Romeoh-no
Gort's Guide to Getting A Good Night's Sleep
Jon, Josh, Angela, Billy, Ben, Tony Moneran, Melody Moneran
Amor--as well as the usual smell of burning tires and malt liquor--is in the air in this double-length special! It's a "worst-side story" when Ben is bewitched by Belch Dimension's blundersome, blustering bully's beguiling baby sister. They say love is a many splendored thing--but once our fighting families the Monerans and the Sweets have had at it, it'll be a many splintered thing. Will these 'tween titans' love survive...or turn into a tragedy for the ages?

  • First double-length (48-page) issue of the series.

November 30, 2007
Superhero Roundtable
Junk Bonds
California, here they come! The Trio of Trouble decides to leave the frozen Mid-South behind and spend Christmas in warmer climes. Traveling below ground, they pop up at a junkyard outside Los Angeles, where they meet up with a cantankerous old coot and his beleaguered son. Will the boys be the biggest riot to hit L.A. since the Rodney King verdict? Sit back and laugh, or you'll get five across the lip, dummy!

  • Botany was written by Michael Dare.
  • "Botany" is the first musical number of the series, performed by The Flungarian Triplets.
  • The Superhero Roundtable was written by Eileen Delgadillo.

December 28, 2007
Dizzy Doctors
Jon, Josh, Angela, Billy, Ben, Fingers, Flunger, Gort, Hiss Hole, Slobber Face, Noodle Nozzle, Gorilla Man, Jello Brain (deleted scenes), Sydney Fruitcake
The doctor is in...sane. Gross anatomy is about to get a whole lot grosser when Jon winds up in the hospital, and Hiss Hole impersonates a doctor in order to get to him. Can the Warriors keep their fearless leader from going under the knife? Or will Jon get a taste of Hissy-boy's cutting wit? This is one issue that is guaranteed to keep you in stitches.

  • The fourth story in black-and-white.

January 25, 2008
Hair-um Scarum
Vexed Vets
BELCH DIMENSION HOME VIDEOS presents those merry misfits THE TRIO OF TROUBLE in:
Watch these three loveable knuckleheads running their erroneous errands--as well as running downtown to the ground--in these three interlocking madcap misadventures!

February 21, 2008
Fishy Business
Jon, Josh, Angela, Billy, Ben, Captain Maggot, Maria Eisner
Captain Maggot is up to his old tricks again--this time fishing for trouble in protected waters! The Warriors race to table the old sea salt...but when their fearless leader goes overboard, will their goodwill mission sink like the Titanic? And just who is that shadowy figure who keeps tailing our hero--friend, or foe?

March 21, 2008
It's A Cat's Life
Down Under Blunder
Bully for Billy
It's a very special issue all about looking out for the little guy! First, in "It's A Cat's Life", Punkin the cat is looking for a home. The good news is, he finds one. The bad news is, it's Sharon Sampley's! Then, The Trio (plus one) pops in on the land down under, where women toil and men plunder; can you feel, can you feel, can you feel the thunder? Finally, Billy goes to his friends for advice on handling playground meanies in "Bully for Billy".

  • Theme: Looking out for the little guy.

Year Four (2008-09)

April 25, 2008
The Nefarious Four!
Jon, Josh, Angela, Billy, Ben, Chance, Larry, Jimmo, Jason, Flunger, Gort, Buddy, Brandy, Marcie, Hiss Hole, Demi-Jon, Capt. Maggot, Dr. I.P. Freely, Dung Tung Wu
Fed up with suffering failure after failure after ignomonious failure at the hands of the Treehouse Warriors, Hiss Hole does the unthinkable. He calls upon the services of four of the most ruthless, bloodthirsty, powerful foes the Warriors have ever faced: Demi-Jon, Captain Maggot, Dr. Ichabod Freely, and Dung Tung Wu. Dubbed The Nefarious Four, these dangerous outlaws will stop at nothing to bring Jon and his team down. Will the Teen of Titanium survive the most brutal fight of his young life? Or will their onslaught of perfidous puzzles crush both his mind and body irrevocably? This lone issue promises to change the face of this franchise forever!

  • Fourth 36-page issue.
  • Jimmo demonstrates a new spell here: matter transmogrification.

May 30, 2008
Booting Out Bobcat
The Unsung Zero

Bob and Ray...Lucy and Desi...Cheech and Chong...Sonny and Cher...Caustic and Bobcat?!? The court jesters of local media may soon be joining some of the greatest ex-comedy teams in a little town called Splitsville after Professor Bobcat's buffoonery gets him bounced out on his butt! Can Caustic talk his boss out of firing the Prof? Or will Bob's next gig behind the mike be asking folks "Do you want a hot apple pie with that?"

Jun 21, 2008
Double Trouble
A Comedy of Terriers
Jon, Josh, Angela, Ben, Demi-Jon
Jigaboo Junction is reeling under a one-man crime wave, and the prime suspect is...Jon?! Has our local hero turned loco weirdo? Or is some sicko out to run The Golden Boy's good name through the mud?

Jul 30, 2008
Home Ecch!
Ketchum's Couch Trip

Rash Decision
Billy is sick, and know-it-all big brother Josh decides the sure cure for him is a camping trip. But will he need a vacation to recuperate from his vacation? In "Ketchum's Couch Trip", the man with the net but no gain goes to see a psychiatrist to look for the reasons behind his failure to catch a certain little brown beagle. And Jon really takes the cake--and bakes it, no less--in "Home Ecch!"

Aug 31, 2008
Son of the Return of the Serpent II
The Making of Son of the Return of the Serpent II'''

Jon, Josh, Molina, Buddy, Hiss Hole
Jon's been meeting the ghoul of his dreams every night! A series of disturbing nightmares leads Jon to believe that his arch-nemesis Hiss Hole may not be truly dead, but merely trapped in limbo...and torturing him nightly in his dreams! Can Jon's friends help him find the strength to fight--or will the sneaky snake trap him forever in a never-ending nightmare?

  • This story, along with "Double Trouble", create a rough trilogy which began with "The Nefarious Four".
  • Fifth 36-page issue.
  • Fifth black-and-white issue.
  • The plot pays homage to a number of horror movies and the slasher genre in general, in particular the Nightmare on Elm Street series and the Friday the 13th films.
  • 41-00

    Season four saw the rise of darker, more grim plotliness, including a major villain being killed off and the rise of organized crime.

    The "bonus" comic is done in color and in the style of a "behind-the-scenes" feature, common with films of this nature.

Sep 26, 2008
Hate Thy Neighbor
The Eyes Have It!
A snooty rich couple, the Bourbons, move next door to Jon...and proceed to make his life miserable with their posh tastes and outrageous demands. Can the Teen of Titanium get along with his new neighbors and welcome them with open arms...or will this housewarming party get a little too hot to handle?

  • "Hate Thy Neighbor" is done in alternating black-and-white pages, similar to "Once Upon a Time Warp", "Guidance System", and "Carnival Knowledge".

Oct 30, 2008
Squared Circle Jerks
Guide to Running For Office
The Crazy Cassowary Caper!
Jon, Josh, Angela, Billy, Ben, Timmy, Bulk Logan, Jambalaya Jake, Will B. Caustic, Prof. Bobcat
Let's get ready to stumblllllllllle!!! Jon is set to step into the ring for a match with JJWF champ Bulk Logan--who may be getting on in years, but is still plenty full of tricks. Still, with five grand up for grabs, our teen titan agrees to wrestle in earnest anyway. But will he take home the belt, or will he hit more canvas than Jackson Pollack's paints?

  • Second story to feature SweetTart ("The Crazy Cassowary Caper!").

Nov 30, 2008
Tiger in His Tank
The Ransom
of Red Chimp
Scenes You Weren't Supposed to See
When a pair of bumbling kidnappers monkey around with Jason the gibbon, they're in for more than they bargained for! These missing links nearly go bananas trying to corral this pint-sized primate's antics. You'll go ape too when you get a load of "The Ransom of Red Chimp"!

  • The clips shown in "Scenes" are deleted outtakes from "To The Letter", "Dizzy Doctors", and "Family Ties".

Dec 30, 2008
Up the Demi-Jon Staircase
Breast Implants Through the Ages

Jon, Josh, Angela, Chance, Larry, Jimmo, Molina, Demi-Jon
Jon's just learned that his dastardly double Demi-Jon is a new student at his high school! And you thought your senior year was the pits...Plus, Dr. Ruthless offers a tit-ilating tutorial on the evolution of faux funbags!

  • Fourth time time Angela appears in her Dr. Ruthless disguise. The other three were "Standup and Deliver", "Carnival Knowledge", and "Don't Be a Butt-Head!" (a story exclusive to the upcoming trade paperback Secrets of a Teenage Superhero).

Feb 7, 2009
Jigaboo Junction

Cat Scratch Fever

This issue sets out to take a shot at all your favorite offerings from the boob tube: sitcoms, soaps, game shows, doctor dramas, and, yes, even a few (ecch!) commercials! So put your feet up, grab your snacks, and forget about the clicker! You won't need it to enjoy our shows!

  • Theme: Television.
  • This issue's production and release was delayed a week because of severe snowstorms and power outtages over much of the Mid-South area.

Mar 31, 2009
Up the Demi-Jon Staircase (2)
Naphtali Nonsense

Jon, Josh, Angela, Chance, Larry, Jimmo, Molina, Demi-Jon
A militant student uprising has taken prisoners and disrupted classes at CHS--and it's being led by the teenage terror Demi-Jon! To make matters worse, Jon and his friends are among the student hostages--and there's bound to be bloodshed before the day is over. Can the Warriors stem the tide of mob rule before their alma mater--to say nothing of their city--goes up in flames?

Apr 30, 2009
House Cleaning Blues
Schtick Shift

It's a double bill of Trio fun this month as our favorite troublemaking triumverate tries their hands at the car sales game...but there auto be a law against this sort of humor--if you see what we're driving at! Plus, the boys have just three hours to clean an utterly messy house from floor to eaves, lest a furious Marcie hang these drips out to dry like Sunday's wash!

Year Five (2009-10)

Apr 30, 2009
Oh, Changing Language
Up the Demi-Jon Staircase (3)
Jon, Josh, Angela, Chance, Larry, Jimmo, Molina, Demi-Jon
The zero hour is upon us! With hundreds of blacks armed and ready to sieze the city, and their leader forced to make the ultimate sacrifice, The Treehouse Warriors now face the very real possibility of a city torn apart and ruled over by despotic Demi-Jon.

May 31, 2009
The Case of the Shanghaied Streetwalkers
Jon, Josh, Angela, Flunger, Marcie, Don Michael Cornpone, Lord Merdre
For Belch Dimension's golden-anniversary issue, the series travels light-years beyond. Ladies of the evening are vanishing without a trace from the city streets, and Jon suspects visitors from another world have landed--er, again! Now he's trying to convince the authorities to look to the skies. But is it extraterrestrials that are responsible for hooking these hookers, or is the explanation more down-to-earth than our hero supposes? And who's the old duffer who looks like Marlon Brando, and what's he have to do with a story about aliens?

  • This issue is 72 pages long and in black-and-white.
  • The Flungarian rebel leader is dressed as Auntie Entity from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.
  • The design and placement of the mark on Jon's stomach during the dome battle is a reference to Snake Plissken's tattoo in Escape From New York.

Jun 30, 2009
Dusty Rhodes' Wild Side
Feminazi (2)
Jon, Josh, Marcie, Feminazi A man-hating cyber-psychopath is leading a one-woman crusade to cleanse the city of chauvenism! Can our two proud male chauvenist pigs put a halt to the triple-X (chromosome) terror of ...The Feminazi?

  • This story was dedicated to pop star Michael Jackson, who passed away on Jun 26, only four days before release. Jackson had previously been parodied as himself in "Hair-um Scarum" (Feb 2008).
  • The main story is done in both color and black-and-white. This is the first multi-issue arc to use the technique.

The cover to the golden anniversary issue features a stark, ambiguous image of a running human figure caught in a bright light from above.

Aug 14, 2009
Desolation Row
The Nudie Bar
Grab your love beads, bell-bottom jeans, and tie-dye tees...crank up some Jefferson Airplane or maybe a little "Crimson and Clover". It's a bent look at The Long, Hot Summer of Love, with your hippie dippy hosts Will B. Caustic and Prof. Bobcat! The Belch Dimension's headed back to the lazy, hazy days of turn on, toon in, and drop out!

  • "Desolation Row" is the third story to be done entirely as a musical number (after "Botany" and "Oh, Changing Language") and the second with lyrics written by someone other that Jonathan Sweet.
  • A scene in "Dognet" where the whole story is revealed as Buddy's dream (after eating Chinese food) is omitted, making the whole thing a bit confusing.

Sep 4, 2009
Jon, Josh, Marcie, Feminazi

At two hundred days and counting into Malaise II Bill Clinton's third term the Obama Presidency, we at Belch Dimension offer a stimulus package to help the American funnybone! Benjamin dons the famous red-and-blue and becomes Earth's greatest defender in "Stuporboy" the triple-X (chromosome)-citing final chapter of the "Feminazi" story!

  • This story was dedicated to Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.), who passed away during production. Kennedy was caricatured as "Ted Schenectady" in "Guidance System" (#16) and "Gort's Guide to Running for Office" (#43).
  • The main story is done in both color and black-and-white.

Oct 8, 2009
Uniform Inconsistency
Kitty-Cat Cassanova
Violence of the Doll's
7 Pages of Bad Luck
Billy learns that he has fallen under a strange curse and must now endure "Seven Pages of Bad Luck"! Then, Sharon gets a new doll for a her birthday...but it might be the last birthday gift she ever sees, because this cursed kewpie's got murder in its polycotton heart! Plus, is Principal Stonehart suited for massive school reform, or would he do well to skirt the issue?

  • "Kitty-Cat Cassanova" is a partial remake of season 2's "Desperate Housecats", with ample stock footage.

Nov 5, 2009
The Case of the Beagle Burglaries
New and Revised Rules for the Open Road
The Case of the Beagle Burglaries (2)
Bungee Bungle
Jon, Josh, Angela, Dr. I.P. Freely
The gang em-barks on a case involving a band of bank-robbing bowsers that have been terrier-izing the town...but will their dogged pursuit pay off, or will these tail-wagging wags continue to leave our heroes feeling hounded and melan-collie?

  • The main story is done in both color and black-and-white.

Nov 30, 2009
Riled Riled West
Silent Partner
It's December, so merry Christmas from your friends at Belch Dimension! Except...technically one of our pieces is left over from that April Fool's day issue a few years back...and that last one really works better as a Halloween story...and the lead-off story really has nothing to do with Christmas at all, now that I think about non-specific, non-denominational, winter season/holiday-timed issue thing there!

Jan 12, 2010
Mississippi Burping
Jon, Josh, Angela, Jimmo, Flunger, Penyem Segal, Catherine "Cat" Urich, Clinton Hollings
A gifted but embittered scientist, disenchanted with life, builds a time machine to rewrite his own sad past. However, he unwittingly creates a weapon capable of obliterating the entire Gulf coast! Can The Warriors find and put an end to this twisted genius' folly? Or will they do well to invest in some prime Tennessee beachfront while the geting's good?

  • Originally concieved as a 24-page issue, but the finished script clocked in at 34 pages. The production codes (FABF01-a and FABF03-b) suggest it was considered for a split into a two-issue arc, but it was decided to include both chapters in an "overflow" magazine which would be sold at the original 24-page price.
  • Clinton Hollings' m.o. and even his name are likely a reference to David Clinton, a.k.a. Chronos, a DC Comics villain who shares a similar obsession with time-travel and correcting past mistakes. He also looks uncannily like the titular villain in "The Madness of Mysterio", and his mother bears a striking resemblance to Aunt May. Hollings' plan, too, is not unlike that of another fictional lovelorn scientific genius, Gene Rainey.

Jan 2009's cover shows a shot of the implo-
sion of the Seminole Twin Towers at Arkansas
State University, which was the author's second
second home for three happy years. It also
features a parody of the poster to the film

  • The Finney effect is named for science fiction writer Jack Finney, whose novels dealt in great part with time-travel. It postulates that in cases of alterations to the present timestream caused by temporal movement, at least one person will be aware of the changes, while others about him will not, because for them the changed timestream is a matter of course. Examples have been seen in shows such as Men in Black, Quantum Leap, and Archie's Weird Mysteries.
  • Several homages to the Ghostbusters movie and cartoon can be observed:
  1. Josh's meter looks very similar to a PKE meter. It even changes design often from a digital readout to a dial one, just like the original did between, and sometimes even within, episodes.
  2. Josh, Jon, and Cat wear optical sensors that look very much like the Ecto-Goggles from both films and the cartoon.
  3. The time machine Hollings builds is modeled after the spectral containment unit.
  4. Josh refers to Hollings as "Professor Dweeb"--a reference to a bumbling scientist introduced as a foil for Slimer in seasons 5 and 6 of the cartoon.
  • A scene conceived but cut for lack of space showed Gangrene Trickle passed out drunk and straddling a pinball machine in the Hoopes Center game room (a reference to the rape scene from The Accused). She was also to appear in the crowd scene outside the dorm, looking disheveled and unsteady after a four-day bender, but this was also excised due to page constraints.
  • Another deleted exchange showed Flunger asking the school librarian, Myra Krebs, "So you don't find my appearance unusual in the slightest?" To which she replied, "No, why should I? My first husband was an Italian." This would explain why in many of their appearances, Flunger and Gort go out freely in public without any sort of disguise--people simply assume they are short hairy men with large noses.

Feb 12, 2010
Drive-In Me Crazy
Romeo and Juliet
It's all about the birds and the beagles when Buddy tries playing Cupid on Marcie's date, but she is less than amused at his antics. And is Brandy being bitten by the love bug, too, or is it just a nasty case of fleas?

Mar 5, 2010
The Case of the Wicked Wax Museum
Jon, Josh, Angela, Larry, Jason, Jimmo, Chance, Molina, Fingers, Billy, Ben, Timmy, Dr. Carl Rombold, Don Michael Cornpone
An eccentric collector and self-proclaimed #1 Treehouse Warrior fan generously opens his grand memorabilia collection to the public. But is it just our statuesque hero, or does this philanthropic display of paraffin and paraphernalia ring a little hollow?

Apr 30, 2010
The Fool Monty
The Case of the Wicked Wax Museum (2)
Aches and Paintings
Jon, Josh, Angela, Larry, Jason, Jimmo, Chance, Molina, Fingers, Billy, Ben, Timmy, Captain Maggot
This month, three silly stories primed to throw Easter on its keister! First, Tony Moneran looks to make a fool out of Ben with a barrage of clever desert sand traps! Then, Marcie plans to take the art world by storm in "Aches and Paintings" ! Finally, the latest chapter of our "Oh-Sh** Eleven" arc finds our heroes sailing the stormy seas with the mad Capt. Maggot!

Year Six (2010-11)

May 28, 2010
The Case of the Wicked Wax Museum (3)
Jon,Josh, Angela, Larry, Jason, Jimmo, Chance, Molina, Fingers, Billy, Ben, Timmy, Dr. Carl Rombold, Don Michael Cornpone
Now in possession of the Forbidden Tablet of Xerxes, Maggot prepares to chant the unholy incantation. The Warriors must race to save their beloved leader as well as stop the captain from reading the writ and becoming an all-powerful and immortal pirate king. 

  • Done in alternating black-and-white pages. This is the sixth story to use this technique whole or in part, after "Carnival Knowledge", "Guidance System", "Once Upon a Time Warp", "Hate Thy Neighbor", and "Feminazi".

Jun 18, 2010
A Close Shave
Buddy's Nightmares
Pool Tabled
Punkin the cat gets about seven or eight of his lives scared out of him when he finds himself inside one of "Buddy's Nightmares"! Plus, it's fun in the corner pocket when Josh and Monty match wits at a game of pool...and Billy and Ben prove to be a couple of cut-ups when they open their own barber shop in "A Close Shave".

Aug 7, 2010
The Turd Man
Jon, Turd Burglar
A milquetoast driver for the mob became a grotesque, revenge-fueled monster after a dip in toxic waste. After reading his story you will ask yourself: do you take a crap, or does a crap take you?


Issue 63 (Jul 2010). Debut of the Turd Burglar.

Sep 13, 2010
Attack of the 51/2-Foot Animal Rights Whacko
Wee-Wee Monsieur
Timmy's Good Deed
Welcome to our second installment of "Looking Out For the Little Guy"! An uptight animal rights activist threatens to lock Buddy up if he can't leave Punkin the cat alone...but can that hell-raisin' beagle keep his baser urges on a leash? Tim makes a new friend who helps him deal with a mean bigger kid who keeps picking on him, and Jon...takes a potty break?

  • Musical number(s): "The Aggression Shuffle" (Jon).

Oct 13, 2010
BDC's Bloopers and Impractical Jokes
Freely's Flim-Flam Film Scam
Jon, Josh, Angela, Buddy, Brandy, Marcie, Dr. I.P. Freely, Tony Moneran
The long-awaited Belch Dimension grand diamond anniversary issue features rare outtakes and mistakes by our favorite tree-dwelling teens! Witness never-before-seen bloopers, boners, flubs, fumbles goods, and gaffes collected from the last sixty well as at least one moment that was too hot for the comic!

Nov 12, 2010
The Challenge
Wild Thing
Monty seems out for a piece of Ben's hide...but thanks to a bit of wierd science, this isn't quite the hyde he had in mind! Gort presents this ghoulish tale, and more, in a series of venomous vignettes we like to call "Tales from the Crapper"! Heeheehahahahhaahahahahahaa!!

Dec 7, 2010
A Flip of the Coin
Don't Beat the Yellow Snow, Man!
Jon, Josh, Angela, Fingers, Billy, Ben, Molina, Demi-Jon
Why change the rules when you can rule the change? Demi-Jon's latest caper involves stamping his handsome mug on every coin in Jigaboo Junction. It's a case of no quarter given as the Warriors roll out to stop this nickel-and-dime thief's fresh and minty madness! Plus, SweetTart finally makes her triumphant return to the these pages! She's hot on the trail of a cool crook known as the Yellow Snowman...but will he put our bombastic blonde on ice for good?

  • The first chapter of "A Flip of the Coin" is done in alternating color and black-and-white pages. This is the seventh story to use this technique whole or in part, after "Carnival Knowledge", "Guidance System", "Once Upon a Time Warp", "Hate Thy Neighbor", "Feminazi", and "The  Case of the Wicked Wax Museum".
  • Spearmint--originally called "Mojo"--is named for Wilson "Deathstroke" Slade's manservant William Wintergreen in the Teen Titans comic (both wintergreen and spearmint are flavors of chewing gum). The name may also be a nod to The Spearmint Rhino, a popular strip club and and elite nightspot.
  • In the original draft of "Yellow Snowman", the final battle sequence went on a bit longer, but was cut for space constraints. One notable omission is that SweetTart was originally intended to leap into the air to avoid the freeze gun blast and kick the door of a chute containing several ten-pound sacks of ice overhead. The ice landed atop The Snowman's men (this is why the newspaper photo shows them buried in ice bags, though the finished story doesn't indicate this), with one falling bag damaging the control panel of Snowman's special thermal suit, incapaciting him.

Jan 7, 2011
Drift of the Magi
An Ice-Cold Bud
Ice, Ice Baby
Have a hell of a jolly Christmas with the whole Sweet family as they exchange heartfelt gifts under the tree in a Yuley yarn we like to call "Drift of the Magi"! Join Buddy as he goes walking in a winter blunderland and tangles with an alpine rescue dog in "An Ice-Cold Bud"...and get ready to kiss your ice goodbye when the Trio of Trouble hire themselves out as not-quite-so-professional ice sculptors to scare up some fast cash for the holidays!

  • The original script for "Drift of the Magi" called for Ben to grab Tim's crutch and hit him in the head several times with it, knocking him unconscious, but it was decided this ending was too violent for a holiday story.
  • Several gags were conceived/storyboarded for "An Ice-Cold Bud" but cut for lack of space, including:
  1. In the original encounter with the St. Bernard, Buddy successfully gets the cask of booze and runs away with it, but is caught and thrown against a tree. A flurry of snow falls on his head, giving him a resemblance to Cuban president Fidel Castro. The scene then picks up with the dog bringing his master the keg.
  2. Buddy's second attempt went on for much longer: instead of relinquishing the cask, he holds onto it, in the manner of an English footballer, and runs onto the rink. He slips, loses the barrel, and watches in horror as it flies through the air, strikes a tree root, and cracks. The contents pour out and into a hole in the ice. Several fish swim through the liquor stream, get intoxicated, and start to swim arround erratically. On the pond's surface an ice fisherman catches one of the fish. Cut to a scene with the fisherman and his family eating dinner with his wife and kids. The boy complains the fish "tastes funny". The daughter collapses face-first on the table, presumably of alcohol poisoning. The mother cries, "Oh, my god--call 911". The scene then cuts back to Buddy's fall through the thin ice.

Feb 8, 2011
Belch Blanket Bingo
A Flip of the Coin
Jon, Josh, Angela, Fingers, Billy, Ben, Molina, Demi-Jon
This month it's all about fun in the sun as The Warriors hits the beach to relax and soak up a few rays! However, shred-head Tony Moneran looks to put the damper on the gang's good time by challenging Jon to see who owns the surfin' turf at Sunuva Beach. Will the Teen of Titanium have his surfeit first, or will Monty be the one to get bored of the board? This issue's doin' it moon-doggie style!

Mar 15, 2011
The Trio of Trouble Meets Felatio
When famous mock-margarine spokesman Felatio Calzone comes to town, the boys spread out. Their objective: Felatio's autograph. But when he refuses to give up his John Hancock, the Trio whips out every trick in their arsenal to get it. Will they butter him up to get what they came for, or will they just play it pat and stick it to the guy?

  • This issue is dedicated to Jack LaLanne, who was referenced/parodied in DABF09.

Apr 8, 2011
Jon, Josh, Angela, Billy, Ben, Timmy, Flunger, Gort, Marcie, Demi-Jon
And you thought they were a bunch of mixed-up kids before...Demi-Jon's atomic disintegrating module has combined the Treehouse Warriors and the Flungarians together at the cellular level, resulting in a bizarre body swap between the teen and 'tween titans and their cosmic compatriots! The good news is, another zap from the device will untoss this DNA salad...the bad news is--well, Demi-Jon. Will the E.T. of Titanium locate his devious double and the disintegrator disk...or will he now be buying his capes at Baby Gap?

  • This issue is dedicated to Elizabeth Taylor, who was referenced/parodied in EABF12A.

May 17, 2011
Jon's Halfiversary
Tuckered Out

Jon's been seeing Jeanne for six months now, so he and his friends decide to do something special for their anniversary--building her her own bathroom. Meanwhile, Buddy has to stop chicane chef Dung Tung Wu from luring every dog in the tri-county area to his restaurant to be pated by his "Flat-U-Lator".

  • The plot is an homage to the hit Disney show Phineas and Ferb.
  • Musical number(s): "Handicapable Lady". (Jon)

Year Seven (2011-12)

Jun 15, 2011
The Just-Us League Meets The Silly-Ass Mariner!
Zapped! (2)
Jon, Josh, Angela, Billy, Ben, Timmy, Flunger, Gort, Marcie, Demi-Jon
That riddling rogue has put the lid on the gang--maybe for good! Trapped under glass and facing annihalation, our half-sized hero has to figure out his foe's final puzzle before Demi-Jon's doom ray does some major molecular mayhem.

Jul 15, 2011
Flea Falling
Single Right Female
Quixotic Chaos
Dear Diary...
Buddy's refusal to take his bath gets to be a really big problem when his flea problem grows to an unmanageable size in "Flea Falling". A blow to the head causes Billy to imagine he is the famous Don Quixote, Man of La Mancha--and it's a "restless knight" for Ben as he follows his chivalrous chum on his quest to do good and right wrongs. And get a peek into an average day in the life of Gort in "Dear Diary".

Aug 16, 2011
Belch Dimensional Lampoon's Cross-Country Vacation
Jon, Josh, Angela, Ben, Buddy, Brandy, Punkin, Demi-Jon
The gang embarks cross-country to deliver a boffo new script to a movie studio in L.A. Of course the usual travelling calamities befall our weary road warriors: overpriced hotel rooms, lousy food, cheesy tourist traps, boring hours cooped up in the car...and, oh, yes, that pesky psychotic supervillain who keeps trying to kill them. Will the Warriors make it to Hollywood, or bust trying?

Sep 9, 2011
Belch Dimensional Lampoon's Cross-Country Vacation (2)
Jon, Josh, Angela, Ben, Buddy, Brandy, Punkin, Demi-Jon
The road trip hits a major speed bump when Demi-Jon strands our heroes in the middle of the desert to die. Will the Teen of Titanium and crew ever reach Tinseltown and their hopes of stardom, or will they remain stranded in the middle of Buttfrig, Nowhere forever?

  • Platinum anniversary issue.
  • Double-length issue.
  • A musical number called "Hollywood Nights" (based on the Bob Segar hit) was planned but cut from the finished story.

Oct 18, 2011
I Swing the Body Electric!
Role Models, Inc.
Jon, Josh, Angela, Billy, Ben, Flunger, Jiggawatt
Jiggawatt returns with a scheme to take over a new body: Jon's! With his mastery of electricity combined with the Teen of Titanium's inherent abilities, that walking short-circuit could be an unstoppable juggernaut. Meanwhile, a birthday celebration for a teammate leaves the Warrior's alien pal Flunger feeling alone, depressed, and taking stock of his life on Earth.

  • Most of the B-story was excised from the finished story for lack of space. Originally the part from his spaceship Flunger needed to call his home planet would be revealed to have accidentally been left charging, steadily gathering energy from Earth's atmosphere for the last five years--in essence, making it a time bomb capable wiping out half the city (the half Jiggawatt didn't destroy when he exploded on the other end of town). Ben, Billy, and Flunger were going to have to race against time to locate the lost part before it overloaded and blew up.

Nov 15, 2011
Room 114 (aka "Detention Headache")
The Case of the Cursed Collar
Bad Word Blues
Ben very nearly gets expelled for using a dirty word on the playground, and it's up to Jon and Josh to speak to the principal on his behalf. But, hey, on the bright side, being a fourth-grade dropout isn't so bad, right? Plus, Buddy fantasizes that he is going off to noir as cluehound Sam Spayed, private dick, in "The Case of The Cursed Collar".

  • Like "Dognet", the story is intended to be an extended/fantasy sequence. The original script contained a scene where Buddy wakes up, sees Brandy wearing a new collar very much like the one in his dream, and freaks out.

Sep 11: "We shall never forget." (Sep 2011).

Dec 20, 2011
Strange Bedfellows
SweetTart, Chance, Molina
SweetTart undertakes her most grueling and puzzling caper ever when she teams up with the Warriors and finds herself pitted against a company of truly bizarre foes: a costumed ecoterrorist, two sparring Mob families, a wild escaped gorilla, a powerful ancient demon, and...chocolate pudding wrestling?

  • This story happens concurrently with issues #75 and #76, which explains the absence of Jon and much of the main cast, as they're still in L.A. that week.
  • Was originally a 24-page issue, but was expanded to 38 pages and sold at the 24-page price.

Jan 20, 2012
Do or Diet

Buddy Meets Bernie the Wonder Beagle
When TV megastar Bernie the Wonder Beagle comes to town, Buddy plans to see his idol in person--er, paw-son--and get his autograph...paw-tograph...whatever. However, Will Ketchum has his own plans: to see to it our mischevious muttski is locked away in his dog pound for the rest of his days.

Feb 28, 2012
Mystic Pizza
Joshua Cline's Experiment File #122311: The Tanner Turner

Jon, Josh, Angela, Billy, Ben, Chance, Larry, Jimmo, Jason, Timmy, Marcie
Move over, Poppa John. Be ready to fall, Domino's. Good luck, Chuck E. Cheese. The gang decides to open their own speedy pizza delivery service, and you can trust it'll have lots of crust. There's a lot of pizza places out there, but these guys have 'em beat wi-chease. You never sausage a thing in your life. This thing may well mushroom out of control. And remember, this issue will be delivered in thirty days or less, or your next comic book is free!

  • Musical number: "Pizza Guy".

Mar 31, 2012
Mystic Pizza (2)
The Sister's Lament: A Rock Musical
Pest of the Pecos
Jon, Josh, Angela, Billy, Ben, Chance, Larry, Jimmo, Jason, Timmy, Marcie
As our heroes' pizza delivery business continues to grow, Jon comes up with a fabulous new gimmick: invite four lucky winners to tour the Mystic Pizza headquarters and see the inner workings of a bona fide home business. But will a jealous competitor use this as a golden opportunity to put a kibosh on their kitchen?

  • Musical number(s): "Buddy, Please Come Home" (Marcie) (a deleted scene from CABF11).

May 4, 2012
Chateau Puppets
Mystic Pizza

Jon, Josh, Angela, Billy, Ben, Chance, Larry, Jimmo, Jason, Timmy, Marcie
Billy and Ben take a tour of the Home of Tomorrow--today! You'll see such futuristic innovations as the Robot Butler Of Tomorrow...the Grill Of Tomorrow...the Home Entertainment System Of Tomorrow...and the Toilet Of--well, you get the idea. But will 22nd-century tech be too much for a couple of Cro-Magnon-level minds to cope with?

May 31, 2012
The Amazing Sweetchuck
Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

The Trio of Trouble dish up the laughs when they get jobs at MacDougal's...but will they make it as burger jockeys, or serve up their usual: three all-grief daddies, initial loss, lethal sneeze, quickly running, and soon tossed out on their buns?

Year Eight (2012-13)


That is one bad babysitter.

Jul 18, 2012
Baby Buggy Buddy
Magic Fingers
Jon, Marcie, Buddy, Brandy
When Marcie gets a job babysitting for a neighbor, the dogs lend a paw. Meanwhile, Fingers goes to Jimmo for help when he decides to do a magic act for the school's talent show...but when he diddles around with a few forbidden spells, his act may literally bring down the house.

  • Features two different versions of the front cover.
  • Introduces the 1977 TV drama "Savage and the Ape", an homage to cop/detective dramas like Honey West and Cannon).

That is one bad-a** babysitter. Based on the infamous Time magazine "breast-feeding" cover that caused a flap in every sense of the word.

Jul 31, 2012
Walking For Fitfulness
Egged On
Roller Derby

It's the all-new sports and fitness issue! First, your coaches Jon, Josh, and Ben show you how to get the most out of your workout in "Walking for Fitfulness"! Then, a lesson in good nutrition with Buddy as he goes in search of a high-protein breakfast from a neighbor's chicken coop--but has to beware of the large angry rooster guarding the eggs! Finally, take to the roller rink for comedy contusions galore when the wheel deal, Tony Moneran. interrupts Jon and Angela's skate-date in "Roller Derby"! This power-packed issue will pump (clap) you up!

Sep 21, 2012
Campy Camp
Jon, Josh, Angela, Fingers, Billy, Ben, Timmy, Flunger, Gort, Tony Moneran
Our gang heads off to Camp Wheddahelaweh for eight weeks of fun in the sun, rest and relaxation. But it may be very little rest, no relaxation, and not much fun when rival campers Moneran's Maulers seek to put a cramp in their camp. An escalatng prank war and financial woes may shut Wheddahelaweh down and turn summer into a bummer...unless the Warriors can raise the cash to keep the old camp afloat.

  • Double-length issue.

Oct 12, 2012
Ready, Willing, and Unstable
Untitled Clip Show
The Story of Airbiscuit
If you like what you see in Belch Dimension, you oughtta see the sh-- we cut out! In this very special issue, Jon cracks open the vaults and presents unused gags and deleted scenes from some of your favorite past stories. Plus, Angela takes a liking to a broken-down nag and fights to convince the horse's owner that the swaybacked old horse with four blown knees can become a champion racehorse in "The Story of Airbiscuit"!

Oct 30, 2012
Sound Judgement
The Teen of Titanium gets it from both sides when he must deal with a new villain who threatens to use his mastery of sound to kill untold thousands and his ex making some noise about the possiblities of a reconciliation between them.

Dec 21, 2012
The Greatest of Sleaze
Caustic's Housepest

After witnessing the latest in his never-ending string of embarassing defeats, two benevolent aliens give local bully Tony Moneran superhuman abilities: heightened strength, boosted brain power, great speed. However, Monty finds his newfound talets aren't all that hot. Pity gifts from on high don't come with a receipt.

Jan 11, 2013
Belching Jon Malcontent

Jon, Josh, Angela, Billy, Ben, Timmy
The Teen of Titanium becomes the hip new voice of Carbuncle High when Principal Stonehart brings back the school's old radio station, KCRB. With Jon on the mike and his usual cast of screwball chums working behind the scenes, the show is a roaring success. However, will his newfound celebrity go straight to our hero's button-capped head?

  • Was originally planned as a 24-page issue, but was expanded to 36 pages and sold at the 24-page price.

Jan 29, 2013 
Breakfast of Chump Peons
Box Pop
New Year's Evil!

Our heroes race to stop a psychotic supervillian from killing thousands of revelers gathered to watch the ball drop on New Year's Eve...but all Jon can think about is getting back to Angela's side before midnight so they can spend their first New Year's Eve together as a couple. Plus, the sneaky Timmy attempts to swipe his brother's box of Yuletide yen, and two hungry cats try to mooch a free Christmas dinner.

Mar 8, 2013
Full Moon Fever

Even a teenage hero who is pure in heart and says his prayers by night...may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms and the autumn moon is bright. When a great howling beast attacks innocent citizens in the dead of the night, the Warriors must face an awful truth: the monster they must face may be one of their own.

Mar 29, 2013
Full Moon Fever  (2)
JonJoshAngelaMolina,  Billy, Ben
The beast has once again taken over Jon and sent him on a rampage across the city, looking to quench his unholy hunger. Meanwhile, the guys discover that Brandy has an uncanny knack for picking Super Bowl Winners.

  • "BFF" is an abbreviation for both "Best Friends Forever" and "Big Fat Fartknocker".

Apr 19, 2013
The Flunger Games

Flunger, Vala'ri, JonAngela, Josh
As one of the last survivors of his destroyed world, Flunger is elected to represent his people in a brutal game of survival. Transported to a harsh, desolate hellworld and forced to compete in a soul-testing game with the galaxy's mightiest, most ruthless fighters, he finds himself partnered with another of his kind. The new friends must undergo a triad of trials that only the strongest may survive. During the soul-testing event, Flunger learns not only about his teammate, but much about himself.

May 21, 2013
Dusty Rhodes' Wild Side
The Larry and Lana Mysteries: The Case of the Five Dozen Bismarcks

Untold Tales of The Belch Dimension: The Origin of Jason the Gibbon
Chimes of Freedom
For our season finale, here's what's on tap: a monkey-boy's sad, sad story, a mystery gets a little gory, a hunter bravely stalks his quarry, and a haunting lyrical allegory.  Forgive us if we're inflammatory,  or perhaps too accusatory, and do please try the chicken cacciatore.

Year Nine (2013-14)

Jun 13, 2013
Mr. and Mrs. Sweet
Feeling a Draft
Jon, JoshMarcie, Scragg, Dr. Zigmund Fraud
Josh decides to become a crusader for poor people's rights after he attempts to ask out an upper-class girl, but her father snubs him. But it isn't long before the burgeoning Take Over Mall Street movement gets way too scary for our little revolutionary.  Meanwhile, Scragg and Marcie's constant fighting forces them to seek counseling.

  • Musical numbers: "Low-Paid".
  • Was originally planned as a 24-page issue, but was expanded to 32 pages and sold at the 24-page price.

Jun 28, 2013
The Tart and the Fart, Chapter One: To Kill a Fartknockingbird!
A Street Cat's Maimed Desire
The Tart and the Fart, Chapter Two:
  Mama Said Fartknock You Out!
Two Sloppy People
The Tart and the Fart, Chapter Three:  Fartknockin' on Heaven's Door
In this issue SweetTart "sounds off" against that perfidous purveyor of putrescence, The FartKnocker, in a story free of dialogue but not of fun and adventure! Here's hoping our virtuous vixen can put a stop to his crimes and bring this odoriferous art thief  to justice!

Sep 11, 2013
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Gross
Jimmo, Penyem Segal, SonidaTimmy
The discovery of a lost key inside of an old vase leads two spunky sibs headlong into a mad genius' latest plot to use his mastery of sound to destroy the city...of which the key is the sole missing component!  Nice job, heroes.  Meanwhile,  Timmy finds himself expelled after being accused of a truly strange gun-related crime. 

Oct 8, 2013
The Treehouse Troubadors
Stuck Inside of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again
JonJoshAngelaBillyBenJasonTimmyMarcie, Molina,  The Jigaboo Street Mime, Will, B. Caustic, Professor Bobcat, Harley Davidson
In the long-awaited 100th issue of The Belch Dimension, "Above and To The Left of the Music, Next to the Mayo" takes a look at the short, checkered career of the brief but highly influential folk-rock band The Treehouse Troubadors. This 72-page special will chronicle the group's rise and fall...from its humble beginnings in the coffeeshops of Bed Pan Alley to its big farewell concert that the city is still cleaning up after. Includes interviews with members of the band and an exclusive look at the Troubs' first (and only) music video, a cover of "Stuck Inside of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again".

Dec 17, 2013
Pup In Boots
JonJosh, Angela, BenBuddy, Marcie, The Giant
When Angela catches a cold bug and is unable to read to the kindergartners, the boys help out by offering their patented screwball take on a timeless fairy-tale.

Jan 17, 2014
Salute Your Shorts!
This very special issue is devoted to showcasing our short gags-"Mime Games", Do's and Don't's", "Dr. Belch's Gag Bag", "Monty -n- Ben", and other one page wonders--in a collection of reprinted favorites and new material.

Feb 4, 2014
The Old Man and The C-Notes
JonJoshAngela, BenTimmyMarcie
The Sweet children must forego the rampant greed and consumerism of the season when each is given $100 and told to go out and help someone in need. This heartwarming holiday tale follows Jon, Marcie, Ben, and Timmy's adventures in altruism as each tries to do the most good with their money.

Mar 18, 2014
Kung Fu-lish
Kitty Cat-astrophe
Kootie Cowlick hosts a daytime talk show where she tries to help guests with their personal problems. This episode focuses on the often-delicate relationship between the pursuer and the pursuee. First up we'll meet a a boy who tries to stand up to his tormentor by taking a self-defense class--only to find that the bully is enrolled in the very same class!--in "Kung-Fu-lish"! Then, we learn about setting boundaries when a freeloading feline encroaches on a dog's turf and gradually takes over his hearth, home, and fully-stocked fridge in "Kitty Cat-astrophe". This issue promises to be a riot--literally! Koo-TIE! Koo-TIE! Koo-TIE!

Apr 11, 2014
Sweetchuck's Ladder
JonJosh, Ben, Angela, Marcie, Gort, Timmy, Tony Moneran, Tiffany Diamond, Buddy, Dung Tung Wu
Jon, Ben, and Josh create a life-sized word ladder filled with fun clues. The boys team up against the girls in a hunt to find items that fit each "step" on the ladder. Meanwhile, Dung Tung Wu attempts to use his "Flut-U-Lator" to charm dogs into his restaurant in order to use them in his raunchy recipes.

  • Second episode in which the plot is an homage to the hit Disney show Phineas and Ferb.
  • Musical numbers: "Buddy's Theme", "Ladder to the Stars".

May 16, 2014
The Club
The Real Housewives of Jigaboo Junction
The Lifesaver

In this issue we take on late-night commercials, reality TV, and sitcom plots that have been around the block a time or two. In "The Real Housewives of Jigaboo Junction", camera crews follows the lives of our fav fab femmes as they live, love, and try to keep their lusty men in line. Then. after Billy saves Ben from choking, he vows to dedicate his life to ministering to Billy's every need. However, poor Billy might not survive Ben's humble but bumbling devotion.

May 31, 2014
The Big Dang Theory
Meatball Hero
PunkinJonJoshAngelaBillyBenLarryJasonMolinaTony MoneranHiss HoleSlobber FaceNoodle NozzleGorilla Man
Punkin the cat inadvertently travels back in time to the first issue , where his presence threatens to severely alter series continuity. Plus, Jon just can't seem to do anything right today in "Meatball Hero".

Jun 13, 2014
Gort's Guide to Swimming Safety
Fifty Shades of Gravedirt
Bud Is Thicker Than Water
This month we showcase the Life Moronic--er, that is, Neurotic--Aquatic!...with Jonathan Sweet in three stories that make a real splash. First, we enjoy a little dip in the water with "Gort's Guide To Swimming". Then we wet your whistle with the amorous alcohol-fueled adventures of The Drunken Scotsman. Come visit his little cemetery crypt of love in "Fifty Shades of Gravedirt"! Finally, Buddy dreams of a continental breakfast, but his aversion to water may complicate matters when the giant egg he seeks sits on a remote little island surrounded by miles of the wet stuff. Plus, we pay a visit to Jimmo's Magic Shop and see how's tricks.

Year Ten (2014-15)

Aug 5, 2014
The Case of The Fresh Heir Fiends
"I Seen What Y'all Did"

JonJoshAngelaBillyBenLarry, Chance, MolinaTimmy, Alvin, Simon, Theodore, Demi-Jon, Captain Maggot, Ichabod P. Freely, Dung Tung Wu
This month, it's a dub!-dub!-double!...bill of thrillers, killers and suspenseful chillers with "The Case of the Fresh Air Fiends" and " 'I Seen What Y'All Did' ". First, a substantial inheritance sees Jon and company whisked off to jolly old England, where everything isn't all crumpets and tea--as there are rumors of a mysterious phantom stalking the ancestral homestead. Plus it doesn't help matters that The Nefarious Four are skulking about the ruins of Bellweather Castle looking to cash in on the fortune. In our second feature, Marcie and Tiffy make a series of crank calls...not realizing that Ma Bell can fast lead to "oh, hell" when a crazy picks up on the other end and their schoolgirl pranks turn deadly serious.

Sep 5, 2014
The Case of The Fresh Heir Fiends
"I Seen What Y'all Did"

JonJoshAngelaBillyBenLarry, Chance, MolinaTimmy, Alvin, Simon, Theodore, Demi-Jon, Captain Maggot, Ichabod P. Freely, Dung Tung Wu
The stakes are raised when several more mysterious murders occur at Great-Uncle Cuthbert's sprawling English estate. Heirs to the vast Portersfield fortune are dropping like flies, and all clues point to Demi-Jon and his cockamamie cadre of crooks. And what of the phantom said to stalk the halls of Bellweather Castle--just an urban legend, or is there substance to this tale after all? Meanwhile, in the second half of this devilish double feature, the victim of the girls' little prank decides to pay them a visit, intending to cut them off--for keeps.

Sep 30, 2014
"I Seen What Y'all Did"
The Case of The Fresh Heir Fiends

JonJoshAngelaBillyBenLarry, Chance, MolinaTimmy, Alvin, Simon, Theodore, Demi-Jon, Captain Maggot, Ichabod P. Freely, Dung Tung Wu
It's the thrilling conclusion to our big summer screen-scream double feature! In "I Seen What Y'all Did", Marcie and Tiffy finally confront the crazy killer, who has gotten into the house. And, in "The Case of The Fresh Heir Fiends", the gang finally comes face to ghoulish face with the famous Phantom of Bellweather Castle.

Oct 17, 2014
Ghost Dud
What A Dish!
Sweet And Sour Dork
Collar Me Budd
This month we offer a whole book of spooks, kooks, mooks, and schnooks for your reading pleasure. First up, a visit from Asper the Friendly but Socially Awkward Ghost, courtesy of one of Josh's merry mechanical mishaps! In "Collar Me Budd", pernicious Punkin pinches Buddy's collar and tags in order to get him in dutch with the dogcatcher. Plus, a stopover in the desert with Monty and Ben.

Dec 5, 2014
The Disorient Express
JonJoshAngelaBen, Buddy, Russian Spy #1, Russian Spy #2
The Warriors dig into a big dish of espionage, with Russian redressing on the side, aboard the Orient Express. After unwittingly stumbling across a scheme by a pair of spies from the former Soviet Union to blow up the famous train, Jon and company must save the lives of all the world leaders aboard, or risk a massive international incident.

Jan 2, 2015
Tooth Or Dare
Dipshit Diplomats
Hotel California
For our big Halloween issue we take our annual look at the horrific, the terrific, and the soporiphic. (That's a fancy word for saying all three stories have something to do with sleep, y'all.) Man's best friend gets an unexpected visit from the Tooth Fairy in our first tale, "Tooth Or Dare". The Trio of Trouble put the "ass" back in "ambassador" when they become the U.S. envoys to Saudi Arabia, and a visit to the famous "Hotel California", where it's said guests can check in, but they don't check out!

  • "Dipshit Diplomats" uses ample stock footage culled from both "Persian Goof" (season 1) and "Inferior Decorators" (season 3).

Feb 10, 2015
Try A Little Tenderness
Kathryn Tarkakoff, Tom Little
Kat Tartakoff, a.k.a. SweetTart, learns Tom Little once again graces the halls of Sonny Tufts Junior High. But can our vigilant vixen be certain her former enemy has really called it quits with crime for good?

Apr 27, 2015
The Relatively Early Show With J.M. Sweet
The Pacific Rim Job
Our hero takes on the world of late-night laughs as he hosts "The Relatively Early Show With J.M. Sweet". Join the Teen of Talk Shows as he parties with the house band, has guests on the couch, does silly bits, and reads his Top Five List (it was ten, but they cut the budget after our young host chucked one too many pencils through the studio window).

Jun 5, 2015
Sharper Than A Serpent's Tooth
Jon, Josh, Angela, Molina, Hiss Hole
A high-school classmate begins suffering a series of nightmares that may mean Hiss Hole is trying to cross over from DreamWorld. But why is the reptilian villain targeting this troubled teen? It's up to our heroes to find out.

Jun 30, 2015
Sharper Than A Serpent's Tooth (2)
Jon, Josh, Angela, Molina, Hiss Hole
As this twisted snake tale draws to a close, the gang is furiously trying to keep Luke from reaching Hiss Hole's grave. Can they snap him out of it in time, or will this monster, along with various unspeakable nightmare horrors, be released back into this dimension?

Aug 31, 2015
I'm My Own Grampaw
Untold Tales of the Belch Dimension: How Captain Maggot Got His Hook Hand
Jon, Josh, Angela, Ben, Timmy, Capt. Maggot
You've no doubt heard of a good story needing to hook the reader-- well, this one really does. Jon shares the tale of how he first encountered one of his oldest and most dangerous foes in "Untold Tales of the Belch Dimension: How Captain Maggot Got His Hook Hand".

Aug 31, 2015
Vaper Trails
Not-So-Classical Conditioning
The gang goes on an "Up In Smoke"-style trip when the new vaping frenzy sets the townfolk's collective dial up to steam heat. Then, in "Not-So-Classical Conditioning", Pavlov gets no love when the three test subjects in Jon's conditioning experiment break out of the lab and, unable to control their strange new tics, wreak havoc all over town.

Year Eleven (2015-16)

Oct 30, 2015
Jon Writes His Own Ticket
Jon wins an award for a short fiction piece he wrote, so the gang travels to scenic Vermont, home of the Pynchloaf Writer's Conference, for him to accept it. However, when Angela sees what the story is about, her feelings of jealously may drive an omnibus-sized wedge between the young couple. Meanwhile, back home a new team of bumbling superheroes deal with threats to the city.

Nov 4, 2015
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
Y's Ass
Girlz in the Hood
In "Y's Ass", Josh joins a gym to buff up... but fails to realize his "instructor" is a two-bit crook who's more interested in building his hustle than his muscle! In "Girls in the Hood", flighty Renee imagines herself as a female Robin Hood. Can she win a crooked archery contest against the vile Sheriff of Snottingham? She "Sherwood" like to! Plus, Jon sings and swings.

Nov 5, 2015
Fixed Income
Jon is taxed with the duty of taking his mom's incorrigible cat to the vet to get neutered. Meanwhile, Ben and Billy try to raise quick cash selling chocolate bars door-to-door, and get wrapped up in a host of nutty misadventures along the way.

Nov 20, 2015
Here Comes Your 1930s Breakdown
The Antique Glasses Case

A peek into the Sweet family photo album gives us the story of Jon's two quite familiar-looking great-uncles, Johann and Ken, and their best friend Tosh, who worked as a trio of humble apple merchants selling on the streets of Depression-era Jigaboo Junction 70 years ago. Plus, in "The Antique Glasses Case", Buddy regales the young whelps with a tale of his famous ancestor Flemhock Bones, who sniffed out and stopped crime back in the rollicking days of Prohibition.

Dec 15, 2015
Jon, Josh, Angela, Ben, Chance
After almost getting shot when a mission goes sour, Angela copes with the terrible experience by learning how to use a gun. Jon, however, is concerned that his favorite girl has more than just a desire for self-defense in mind.

Dec 15, 2015
The Larry and Lana Mysteries: The Case of the Mind-Reading Mule
Blackdraft (2)
Jon, Josh, Angela, Ben, Chance
Angela continues with her firearms training, despite Jon's misgivings... and those two hep cats Larry and Lana try to figure out whether or not Diamond Joe DeVito's latest get-rich-quick scheme, a mule he purports to be a mathematical genius, is strictly on the up-and-up.

Dec 29, 2015
Heart and Will
Tuesdays With Moron
Buddy, Will I. Ketchum
When Buddy and Will I. Ketchum's usual chase games end with him having a heart attack on the job, Buddy starts to wonder if his carefree little antics just aren't fun and cute anymore.

  • Musical numbers: "Hello" (Adele), "Stand By You" (Rachel Platten).

Dec 29, 2015
A Wolf In Chic Clothing
Gort's Guide to The Perfect Vacation
Halo, Kitty
In this issue we offer up a trilogy of terrors hosted by Gort, a.k.a. The Crapper-Keeper... with help from his two ghoulish comrades-in-harms, Bengoolie and Angina, Mistress of the Dorks! First up, Ben and Billy get into a very hairy situation with a painfully (especially for poor Billy) self-aware wolf in "A Wolf In Chic Clothing". Then, realizing he's two lives down and just seven to go, Punkin the cat fights to keep body and soul together in "Halo, Kitty". Finally, we present to you the most frightening thing of all: trying to decide where to go on your vacation this year! Aahhh-hhhhhh-hhh!!

Jun 24, 2016
Another Fish Story
Principal and Interest
JonJoshAngela, Jason, Maria Eisner, Captain Maggot, Ichabod P. Freely This month kicks off with the tale of a girl up to her tailfins in trouble! The Warriors' finny friend Maria has gone missing, and it's up to our heroes to fish for clues to this deep-sea mystery. Holy mackerel! The second half of this double bill sees a rare case indeed as Mr. Stonehart steps out of his role as a mild-mannered high-school and becomes a bad-a** administrator of retributive justice!

Jun 24, 2016
Another Fish Story (2)
Principal and Interest (2)
JonJoshAngela, Jason, Maria Eisner, Captain Maggot, Ichabod P. Freely
Maria remains in the clutches of that pernicious pirate and his partner the venomous veterinarian, and Jon and his crew have been captured and locked in the ship's brig, all seems bleak. But The Teen of Titanium has a plan that may turn the tides on these two trawling terrors! Plus, Stonehart draws closer to finding answers in his search for the truth.

Jun 24, 2016
Game of Thrown
Another Fish Story (3)
JonJoshAngela, Jason, Maria Eisner, Captain Maggot, Ichabod P. Freely
In the conclusion to "Another Fish Story", Maggot and Freely finally find the prize they're seeking-- the long-sunken chest of Pallas Ares. Will the ancient witch's treasure spell the world's doom? Meanwhile, Marcie sprains her back in a painful twerking accident and remains stuck on the couch, unable to move.

Jun 24, 2016
Pyramid Scheme
The Dogs Must Be Crazy
A rotund disgraced former science fair loser, now calling himself "Nepharious" (you have to see it spelled out to get it) seeks to use the power of pyramids to get an un-pharoah-dvantage over his competition in the middle school's big science fair. Plus, Chance is bored of his old look and tries a hip new 'do.

  • Musical numbers: "Hair" (The Cowsills).

Year Twelve (2016-17)

Sep 31, 2016
Jon, Will B. Caustic, Professor Bobcat
Carat and Shtick
Impaired Au Pairs

Jon comes into a small fortune when he digs up a valuable diamond in his backyard... but will success spoil this rock hunter? Meanwhile, faded funnyman Professor Bobcat finds a second chance when his former partner offers him an opportunity to get back into films.

Nov 11, 2016
Shelf Life
Romance In Derange-O

Gort's Guide to Giving a Cat a Pill

SPLITSVILLE! Jonathan Sweet and Angela Larkin breaking up! "I'm calling it quits with her", says Teen of Titanium. Friends of the hot young superhero couple are aghast at this relationship bombshell. Also included in this issue: Gort teaches the reader how to properly administer a pill to your pet... and the shocking truth about just what goes on in the school library after hours!

Dec 1, 2016
(I Ain't No) Hollow Fat Girl
Ditzi Blonden, The Fat Art Geek
Ditzi Blonden learns a lesson about looks when, following a particularly insensitive remark about a fellow student's weight, the guidance counselor comes up with a fitting punishment-- wearing a weighted, full-body fat suit. However, when a fellow student becomes smitten with the new "differently-bodied" Ditzi, she realizes having to live a lie for his sake may trump any lesson she could learn about tolerance.

  • The Fat Art Geek's name is revealed for the first time--Fauntleroy Arthur Glockner.

Dec 30, 2017
My Mother the Cur
Working For Peanuts
SweetTart vs. The Reverse Cowgirl!

SweetTart battles an eccentric female desperado whose gimmick is committing robberies on a strange robotic horse that she rides facing wrong-way-round. Plus, Buddy protects a defenseless baby bird from the marauding maw of a hungry cat, and Ditzi goes for a delightful drive.

Jan 30, 2017
Dead Residents
Penyem Segal, Cat Urich
The grisly discovery of a body in a Fulkes University dorm leads an intrepid journalist to start seeing murders and cover-ups everywhere, eventually leading her into the clutches of a fanatical Luddite personality cult called "The Teapot Domers".

Jan 30, 2017
A Fright For Four-Eyes
A Quarter To Four
Night of the Living Gummi!
An idle wish made on All Hallow's Eve, when the veil between dimensions is thinnest and the demons of karmic retribution and hastily slapped-together horror pastiche roam, proves to be our young hero's regret. Then, a botched experiment creates a legion of living, malignant candy that looks to collect a bag of trick-or-treaters to nosh on. Finally, in a nod to a classic Twilight Zone episode, a spiteful woman wills her enemies to all become four inches high.
Musical numbers: "Exes and Oh's" (Elle King)

Jan 30, 2017
Turkey Bacon
Jon, Josh, Angela, Ben, Marcie
Josh and Ben's favorite TV show, "Chastity N. Tact", has just been cancelled, so they take a trip to Turkey to try to find tapes of the last four unaired episodes Meanwhile, Jon and Marcie start a sandwich delivery service out of their own kitchen. But will they enjoy the savory, slightly spicy taste of success, or does it promise to be a dine-out-and-out disaster?

Jan 30, 2017
The Three-Timers Club
Sheep Trick
Flipping the Bird
Billy and Ben chase down Sharon's escaped pet, a parrot with an uncanny knack for mimicry and mischief, in "Flipping the Bird". Deputy Three-Gun Weyer must recover rancher Bo Pepys' stolen sheep from the greedy grasp of that notorious livestock rustler, B.B. Wolff. And Big Mike gets inducted into the "Three-Timer's Club" for recurring Belch Dimension baddies.

Jan 30, 2017
Playing House
There Will Be Bud
Jon, Angela, Marcie, Tiffany Diamond
Fed up of being watched like a hawk every moment they're alone together, Angela bets Marcie that if she lets them use her apartment and live for 24 hours "like a married couple", with no hanky-panky, she'll finally lay off them. But are these two ready to tackle adult responsibility, or are they biting off more than they can chew? Plus, Buddy has his own family dilemma when his shiftless brother Bilko turns up with one of his slick-talking get-rich-quick schemes.

Jan 30, 2017
Groundhog Daze
Makeover Malaise
On Groundhog's Day, a pair of bumbling cats scheme to make a meal of Punxsutawney Phil when he pops out of its burrow-- but will luncheon be served, or will these crazy cats fast get their fill of Phil? Then, in "Makeover Malaise", Marcie frets about looking older than her years. Can the Trio of Trouble turn back the clock, or will their pathetic cosmetic skills put more worry lines on her pretty face?

Apr 7, 2017
Two Broken Girls
Fingers, Jeanne Stonehart, Tony Moneran
When Gangrene starts to feel that she's being underappreciated, she sets off to seek an adventure. But things really rev up when Harley happens to cross her path. Now these devilish debutantes have teamed up to tease and taunt the police with a silly series of crimes. Can the Warriors put the brakes on these femme felons before things spin too out of control?

  • The original working title was "Harley Davidson and the Gangrene Girl", after the 1991 film starring Don Johnson and Mickey Rourke.
  • "B-U-D-D-Y" is set to the tune of the popular children's song "Bingo".

Apr 7, 2017
Beast of Birdin'
Idol Hands
The gang signs their friend Renee up as a contestant on the show Jigaboo Junction Idol, where they find she has to compete against Monty and his girlfriend, the golden-throated Gangrene, for the big prize.

Year Thirteen (2017-18)

May 29, 2017
The Power Switch
Chicken Soup for the Soul... and Heel!

JonAngela, Demi-Jon
Following being caught together with Jon in a freak sewer explosion, Angela finds half Jon's super-powers have been accidentally transferred to her! Can she handle being a power broker, or will her power be what finally broke her?

Jun 26, 2017
The Power Switch
JonAngela, Demi-Jon
Angela, at first fearful, has come to relish her new abilities. But the Boy of Bauxite thinks his better half better stop hot-dogging it all over town with her burgeoning super-talents, since by now Demi-Jon must'a-heard the news and will soon "ketch-up".

Jul 25, 2017
Life of Pit
The Power Switch
JonAngela, Demi-Jon
When Jon learns that Demi-Jon is responsible for kidnapping his newly-superpowered paramour, he races to find his twit of a twin before he can execute his mad scheme: to drain the juice from Angela's body and into his. Can the Teen of Titanium stop Demi before he gives himself that perfidious power boost he craves?

Aug 28, 2017
Schmucks in the City
Eggs and Pains
Deleted Scenes
A busy street, a shopping mall, and a quiet country road form the backdrops for a fun and frantic chase sequence when Monty pursues Ben doggedly through the city. Plus, in "Eggs and Pains", Buddy has to set aside his natural instincts and protect the kids' "egg baby" project from peril, and a peek at some deleted bonus scenes.

Sep 22, 2017
Jon, Josh, Angela, Ben
A prodigal Warrior returns to the fold after many long years... but will suspicion and old grudges come back to spoil the joy of this family reunion?

Oct 17, 2017
China Jones
Riled Riled West
Buddy's Nightmares
The Belch Dimension's Stupidest Home Videos

We've passed the gold, diamond, sapphire, and platinum marks. Now, they never thought (and a few small-minded ones really hoped) it'd go on this long, but please welcome The Belch Dimensions big jam-packed 150th mensiversary! Guaranteed to contain 53% new footage.

  • Double-length issue.

Oct 31, 2017
The Life and Times of Tim
Timmy, Strauboss, Keloid, Hayre, Bowler, Shonna, Jillie
When powerful evil forces threaten the world of the distant future, an intrepid sextet of time-travelers (who our lawyers insist looks nothing like the cast of That '70s Show, no, really!) set their sights on summoning the greatest hero of all time to save them. Instead they find...Timmy. Oops. Somehow the future has started to look a lot less certain.

Nov 17, 2017
Mutt and Mutton
Dumb Dog Millionaire

Jon and Buddy find work on a sheep farm guarding Old Man McCoy's flock from a thieving coyote. Then, after being named an heir in a distant relative's will, Buddy starts thinking his masters may be plotting to bump him off for the cash, and, in his paranoid fervor, he begins to think it's get or be got.

Dec 18, 2017
Friggin' Garrison Keillor
Untold Tales of the Belch Dimension: The Arrival of the Trips!

Jon, Josh, Angela
Why can't Jon seem to learn from his mistakes? Why does he repeat the same negative behavior patterns that always get him in trouble? Why does he seem doomed to failure and constant punishment? This issue takes a frank look at our young hero's psyche, interpersonal relationships, and his motivations that readers will not wish to pass up.

  • The original working title was "The Belch Curve", after the controversial 1994 book by psychologist Richard J. Herrnstein and political scientist Charles Murray about the origins of intelligence and how well it can be used to predict success in life. It was changed last-minute following numerous reports of the popular radio host's termination for alleged accusations of sexual misconduct.

Jan 30, 2018
Don't Hang Up Your Clothesline Across From the Neighbor's Backyard
WeatherDroid 3000

When the brilliant but uncelebrated dramaticus John Dante departed this world, he left behind only a battered old suitcase full of questionable magazines and a single typed manuscript--a soul-rending, heartfelt drama about three generations of a fine old Southern family in crisis. Now, The Belch Dimension Players perform for you Dante's lost opus "Don't Hang Up Your Clothesline Across From the Neighbor's Backyard".

Feb  23, 2018
JonAngelaMarcie, Timmy, Janet Soames-Whitten, Outback Jack
Orange Is The New African-American
When an old flame of Jon's turns up on his doorstep wanted for a crime she didn't commit, she seeks The Teen of Titanium's assistance. But will the ruthless bounty hunter she's on the run from have her clapped behind bars before she can reach him and clear her good name?   

Mar 23, 2018
The Impudent Student
Pitiful Pit
Gort makes for one screwy truant when a clerical error sends him back to school in "The Impudent Student"--where he proceeds to put the "a-- clown" in "class clown" with his frantic antics. Then, when a hungry Mooch unwittingly wanders into Dung Tung Wu's kitchen searching for a handout, he may be biting off more than he can chew ... for this chicanerous chef is looking to put this "Pitiful Pit" on a plate!  Plus, "Ballet Sloppers".

Year Fourteen (2018-19)

May 28, 2018
The Old Man and The Seeress
 5 A.M. Mayhem

Molina gets a job at the local radio station, where her ambition, charm, and grace soon catch the eye of her crusty old boss, Mr. Schicklegruber.  But it seems this geriatric gigalo has more on his mind that ratings numbers-- he wants to try KSSA's new student intern out in a few more positions around the office!

Jun 29, 2018
Polar Voids
Monumental Stupidity
 Canned Meet

When the town decides to bow to mounting political pressure and tear down the "offensive" statue of Rutherford "Codger" Carbuncle that stands in front of its school, a group of students starts its own counter-protest to save their beloved namesake. But will cooler heads prevail this day, or will the p.c. peabrains get their way? History seems to indicate it'll likely be the latter. Plus, The Trio of Trouble winds up frozen out in "Polar Voids", and Buddy gets fed... up.

Jul 27, 2018
App Pupil
Tost and Massey Starring in "Stage of Grief"

Jon, Angela
After Habib Al-Omary's smart new startup launches to rave reviews, everyone in town is now looking to get in on the bandwidth bandwagon... including Jon and Angela. The problem is, our fav couple doesn't know an app from their a-holes. But never fear-- a quick visit to Bill Gilders' School of Web Design (and One-Hour Simonizing) will certainly fix their lack of tech savvy, and soon have them composing a virtual symphony of code.

  • Musical number(s): "Mellow Yellow" by Donovan.

Aug 22, 2018
Billy Steps Up in Class
One on Won
 Fox Kids
We here at Belch Dimension Comics are proud to debut our latest hilarious new character: Redford "Reddy" Fox! Watch our new funny forest friend as he bamboozles, outwits, and runs rings around a dim hunting dog. Also in this issue, we see Billy step up in class in... well..."Billy Steps Up In Class"-- plus, Jon manages to gets his two cents (which, adjusted for inflation and the global exchange rate, comes to about 8.5 cents) in as well.

Sep 14, 2018
The Girl With the Draggin'-*** 'Tude

The Girl, The Psychiatrist, Jon (FB), Marcie (FB), Demi-Jon (FB)
We're proud to present this musical number saluting our favorite feline...Lana! Then, a depressed young woman who happens to have been in a few of the same places that The Teen of Titanium has fought his foes over the years and believes he is ruining her life attempts to put these incidents into perspective for us during her peroidic visits to a shrink.

  • The song "Lana" is set to Volbeat's "Lola Montez".
  • "The Girl With the Draggin'-*** 'Tude" makes good use of deleted/extended scenes from previous stories: "Zapped!", "New Year's Evil!", "Sweetchuck's Ladder", and "Two Broken Girls".

Oct 11, 2018
The Just-Us League Meets Manny Moonsago!
You T'oid With My Emotions
In an attempt to teach two feuding fools a lesson in empathy, Molina calls upon the mighty powers of gyspy magic to give each the ability to feel the other's pain whenever he's struck or hurt, even when they're apart. But soon the pair finds the pain-swapping bit is really getting out of hand. Can I really pull off a tale like this? Of course-I-can, brother!

Nov 8, 2018
Reap the Wild Wind
The Incredible Shirking Man
Jon, Angela
Jon's excess gas has really gotten out of control of late. He thinks it's no big deal...but his poor girlfriend is at her wit's end with him, and even his family has begun to be concerned about his frequent flatulence. 'Fact is, he's about one toxic toot away from an intervention about his intestinal contravention. Can Jon turn it around before it's too late, or will his botty-blasts land him permanently in the doghouse?

  • Musical number(s): "That Smell" by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Dec 7, 2018
Minstrel Problems
Buxton's Tale

Marcie's got a new job as a traveling troubador at the local Ren-Faire... but things have become decidedly un-fair when a fellow cosplayer who's gotten a little too big for his breeches makes trouble for her on the grounds that "minstrel" is a post traditionally held by men. If that isn't enough, an artifact from the age of Camelot on loan to the Faire is stolen, and the suspect is, like, a thief in the knights. There's a mystery afoot! Can Marcie get to the bottom of this medieval evil and get back the loot, as well as prove herself worthy to play her very own lute?

Jan 18, 2019
The Eggs and I 
Jon, Maria, Dung Tung Wu
What do you do when a mermaid is getting ready to have a baby? Call the obstetric sturgeon! Now that this lame pun is out of the way, let's get to delivering this monthly solicitation. Jon's sea-dwelling friend Maria Eisner comes to Jon and his team in her time of need-- and what a need it is, because it seems she's just days away from giving birth! She needs a secure harbor to hide away in, because that ghoulish gormand Dung Tung Wu is looking to sell her eggs for top dollar as caviar. Can Jon and his crew keep Maria safe, or will they see her precious unborn children snatched away and end up cannibalized on crackers by the underworld 's elite at some gtitzy black-market bash? 

Feb 15, 2019
It's A Long Way To Temporary
Pipe Kype

Dr. Hauser's secretary gets sick and leaves him with the phone number to a temp service, but imagine his surprise when The Flungarian Triplets show up in answer to his call for help! The doctor may need a doctor himself when this day is done. Plus, things get plumb crazy in "Pipe Kype" when Jon leaves his dog tied up alone for just a moment, and the pernicious pooch starts to pull and tug at the leash... and 'de pandemonium begins.

Mar 15, 2019
The Engrish Patient 
The Larry and Lana Mysteries: The Case of the Tattletale Tune
Josh, Tin Boo Tee,  Marcie
Joshua's girlfriend's father-- a staunchly-traditional businessman-- is flying in from Japan to visit his daughter's American sponsor family. He desperately wants to make a good impression on the old man, but worries a buttoned-up no-nonsense sort like Tin Boo's dad won't be keen on a callow fellow like him. Meanwhile, Marcie frets when she gets a false postitive on a mandatory drug test at work. Can she re-take it and ace it, or will she succumbs to the pitfalls of pee-er pressure? And, in the backup story, our favorite Sherlock homeboy and his pretty kitty race to look into things when a runner is accused of cheating in a marathon.

Apr 22, 2019
Spherical on Broad and Fourth Street
Dusty Rhodes' Wild Side
The Back Issue
Multiple mysterious orbs are sighted in the skies over Jigaboo Junction! What's behind this rash of flying eyes, this surfeit of airborne ocularies, these spheres that inspire such fear? Alien invasion? Russian enemy spy drones? A few thousand novelty ballons broke loose from their strings at the party supply store-- again? And what's with that wierd little man wielding the wheelbarrow who keeps cropping up? 

  • This issue contains a dedication page to Bear, the editor's beloved dog, who passed away on March 15, 2019.

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