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Template:Under construction is placed atop pages that are being created in order to alert other readers and editors that it is not yet complete. Administrators will often place this template atop policy/guideline pages that are being drafted, but are not yet in effect.

Ambox important.svg Administrators:  Before deleting pages using {{under construction}}, you should notify the author of any page to be deleted of your intention. After THREE (3) days, if the author has neither responded, nor resumed editing of the page, you may delete it.

Ambox notice.svg Users/Editors:  If you have had a page that you marked with {{under construction}} deleted, you may either request the Administrator who deleted it to undelete it, or file a request at Scratchpad:Requests for undelete (shortcut → SP:RFU), and the first available Administrator will process your request.


{{under construction}}
produces …


This template will categorize into Category:Pages under construction.


See also

  • {{new page}} – for newly created articles still under construction
  • {{in creation}} – when multiple edits are being made to add content immediately after creating the article
  • {{in use}} – indicates major edit in progress
  • {{under construction}} – large draft notice for use atop pages
  • {{status}} – indicates progress in increments of 25%
  • {{stages}} – indicates progress and date of review
  • {{stage short}} – indicates progress in increments of 25%
  • {{hang on}} – to contest a speedy deletion tag
  • {{decistage}} – indicates progress in increments of 10%
  • Help:Drafting stages

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