This image name or media file name is protected.

When uploading files to Scratchpad, please use a file name that describes the content of the image or media file you’re uploading and is sufficiently distinctive that no-one else is likely to pick the same name by accident.

Examples of good file names:

Yes check.svg City of London skyline from London City Hall - Oct 2008.jpg
Yes check.svg KDE Kicker config screenshot.png
Yes check.svg 1863 Meeting of Settlers and Maoris at Hawke's Bay, New Zealand.jpg
Yes check.svg Polyhedron with no vertex visible from center.png

Examples of bad file names:

X mark.svg Image01.png
X mark.svg Joe.jpg
X mark.svg DSC00001.JPG
X mark.svg 30996951316264l.jpg

For more information, please see Scratchpad:Image file names. If you have a good reason for uploading a file with this name, or if you receive this message when attempting to upload a new version of an existing file, please let us know at the Noticeboard. Be sure to specify the exact name of the file you are trying to upload. Thank you.

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This is the {{protected generic image name}} template. To see it in action, go to File:Image.jpg.

This template is used on protected generic image name pages. That is, image pages that use the placeholder images you see to the right.

This template produces all the text and inserts all the templates and all the categories needed for such pages.

Do not substitute this template, instead transclude it as usual. This allows us to update the descriptions of all those pages in one single place, that is by editing this template.

For more information, see Scratchpad:Image file names.

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