Template:Policy shortcut/doc should be used instead of the standard {{shortcut}} template within individual sections of policy pages to which readers are redirected without seeing the {{policy}} notice at the top of the page.

Usage, examples, and anchors

This template works in the same way as the {{shortcut}} template.

Ambox notice.svg Note: See the full documentation at Template:Shortcut/doc.

This template can take up to TEN (10) shortcuts as parameters.

{{policy shortcut|SP:SHORT1|SP:SHORT2|SP:SHORT3|<— up to 10 —>}}


This template has one additional parameter.

makes this template flow to the left of the page instead of its default position to the right:
{{policy shortcut|float=left|SP:SHORT}}


{{policy shortcut|float=left|SP:POLICY}}
produces …
Policy shortcut:


See also

  • Scratchpad:Shortcut – The how-to guide and guideline about how and when to create shortcuts and shortcut boxes. A must-read for anyone handling shortcuts.
  • {{anchor}} – a way to overcome the otherwise permanent fact that section titles are the only way to link to a section
  • {{anchored list}}
  • {{section}}
  • {{shortcut}}
  • {{ombox/shortcut}} – for embedding into message boxes
  • {{policy shortcut}} – for shortcuts to sections of policy pages
  • {{R from shortcut}} – for placement on the redirect page
  • {{shortcut-l}} – for left aligned normal shortcuts
  • {{template shortcut}} – used for shortcuts/redirects to a template page
  • {{template redirect}} – a wrapper that prompts {{template shortcut}} to refer to “redirect(s)” rather than “shortcut(s)”.