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Template:Parent Page Lifestyle is used to create a “parent page” providing guidance to parents regarding any particular wiki.

Ambox notice.svg Note: The parent page is located on each wiki at Project:ParentPage, which is Scratchpad:ParentPage here at Scratchpad.


{{Parent Page Lifestyle
|participants    =
|content         =
|family          = 
|parent          = 
|age range       = 

Fill in all variables to the best of your ability, giving whatever information you think would be of greatest help to parents. If you fail to fill in a variable, automatic text will be placed on the page that will remind you that you need to fill in that variable.

Example (no variables filled in)

General Information

Name of community


Who can participate here? Anyone who wants to
What is this wiki about? This community hasn't yet defined the content that can be found here

Content Information

Is this topic reasonably considered family friendly? Yes
Parental advice This community has not yet prepared advice for parents which will help them understand how to communicate with their children about this site's content.
Age range This community has not yet declared a particular age range as being most appropriate for the content.

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